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Patanjali Yoga Sutra

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Meditation is an art of slowing down the mad rush, the speed of mind which is the cause of all the evil ancient and modern. ALL DUKHA is this rush of Mind. Right from individual psychological and psychiatric problems (that descend in physical frame in all forms from simple nasal allergy to complicated cancers) to social evils like greed, corruption, cut-throat competition, exploitation, manias of drug, sex, power, pelf and position that ultimately culminate into terrorism and sale of weapons by developed (?) countries engaging developing (?) countries in war. Globalization is a beautiful way to enter in this mad rush. When there are tens of channels at the command of one's finger tips why should a youngster bother to continue to watch a single channel? The moment there is little boring scene in one channel he switches, faster and faster to other and yet to another channel. In the process the mind is so spoilt that it knows no patience, no adjustment. A little misunderstanding and people change their life-partners as fast as TV channels. Well , now the marriage institution itself is considered a nuisance. Progressive (globalize?) people have found wonderful ways of begetting children without entering this unnecessary bondage (!) And all that has been legalized! The telling consequences can only be guessed by the latest sample of the horrible news of an 11 year brother raping his two year young baby sister as a punishment to her because she urinated in her pants. And this happened in the richest state of the most developed country of the world (Miami, America). Frightening? But that is the fact we have to accept. Let us forget the world and consider our own self - Am I at ease with myself? Can I be with myself without external aids like friends, relatives, eatables, games, computers, newspapers, books walks and tours and TV? How long can I sit quiet and look within and commune with my own self? How long can I sit with eyes closed (or open) without inner dialogue, within chattering so that I can listen to the soft music of silence, that anahatnada the un-struck sound?

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