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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Swadhyayat Istadevata Samprayogah (II/44)

Swadhyayat = from self-study; Istadevata = the desired deity; Samprayogah = union.

From Self-study, Union with Divinity.

Our true-self lies hidden beneath the surface of our Vasanas (desires) and Samskaras (impressions). The very process of 'looking' at these dispassionately dissolves them allowing our true self to manifest fully

In the wonderful technique of Vipasana Meditation this is what happens. Observation of breathing and all the sensations, without reacting to them, allows the Samskaras to release off.

Similarly, continuous self-study, self-introspection, looking within, calms down the mind and we are face to face with our true self or we get in touch with divinity in the form chosen (Ista) by us. This happens due to opening of the channels of communication for consciousness to flow from higher to lower self through the Ista.

In fact, DIVINITY, is present all the time. Our Vasanas do not allow it to flow freely in us. When we are purified by Swadhyaya (by studying scriptures and self-analysis) the DIVINITY starts flowing unhindered. We become a fit instrument to receive the divine grace.

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