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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Atmaratyvirodheneti Sandilyah. (18)

Thus Bhakti is extremely an important in the path of Self-Realization and not at all contradictory to the Self-Knowledge as few think. That is why the great Jnanis like Sadasiva Brahmendra and Jnanesvar merged in immense Bhakti, while the great Bhaktas like Namadeve and Prahlada saw the Self in all.

While all other saints like Garga and Vyasa insist upon the sadhanas, Sandilya who goes deeper by insisting Atmarati (Self-joy) that can be attained by all these sadhanas. Narada goes further deeper, widening the scope of Bhakti further.

Naradastu tadarpitakhilacarata radvismarane paramavyakulateti (19)

According to Narada, quality of Bhakti is to offer each and every action to it and getting the misery by forgetting it.

Astyevamevam (20).

 This is in this way only.

Doing puja sincerely to the Lord leads to the silence, calmness and purity. While we do puja sincerely we start to see the Divine not only in the ideal but also in the puja materials like vessels, flowers, sandal and bell. That is why, Kalasa puja, ghanta puja and pitha puja are included in Puja.

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