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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Astyevamevam (20)

This is in this way only.

A seeker gradually finds a transformation in him by which he feels that each and every action done by him is non-attached, each and every action done by him is offered to the Divine. The whole life becomes a prayer, a puja and a worship in which he finds a perfect union with Divine. This is tadarpitakhilacarata (to offer each and every action to it).

Tadvismarane paramavyakulata (getting misery in forgetting it). The real sense of this passage is knowing the miseries and agonies when the actions are done for ego and not for the divine. Knowing that ego centric actions pull down to the lower desires that lead to further miseries.

Narada proclaims this state as the true quality of Bhakti.

Yatha vrjagopikanam. (21)

As the shepherdesses of Gokulam.

Among all human passions lover's love to a lover is one of the most powerful and delightful passions. If it can be turned to Divine, it is called as Madhurabhava.

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