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Narada Bhakti Sutras

Yatha Vrajagopikanam. (21)

As the Gopis

Here we can understand the statement of the great poet John Keats - the Worshipper of Beauty - "Heard melodies are sweet; those unheard are sweeter". For Radha, Krishna remains an unheard melody throughout her life.

When the Gopis were separated from Krishna, they sent a wonderful message to Him through His one of the closest friends - Uddhava.

"We may roam here and there according to our own karma. We are ready to be anywhere according to Krishna's wish. Let Him keep us anywhere in the world according to His wish. We do not even wish the union with Him which we know as impossible. Only one boon wanted the pure love towards Him. Wherever we are kept, no matter, the pure love towards Krishna should never diminish in us. That is all, we not even compel Him to be with us".

Uddhava finds out that "this is what the pure love is where even an iota of selfishness cannot be found". Then prostrates at the feet of these Gopis by saying....(to be continued in next issue).

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