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Patanjali Yoga sutras III-54

Jati-laksana-desair anyatanavacchedat tulyayos tatah pratipattih.

Jati = class; laksana = characteristic; desaih = place or position; anyata = difference; anavacchedat = due to lack of distinction; tulyayoh = of the two equals; tatah = from it; pratiprattih = knowledge of distinction.

From it (Vivekajam-Jnanam) knowledge of distinction between similar (objects) which cannot be distinguished by class, characteristic or position. (III-54).

In previous sutra it was pointed out that by performing Samyama on ksana (the smallest unit of time), one can transcend Time itself. The resulting power (Vivekajam-Jnanam) enables a yogi to resolve two similar objects that appear and disappear at the same place with the interval of a very minute period of time. Samapatti is fusing together of two objects. The opposite phenomenon pratiprattih is resolving two similar looking objects appearing as single item.

The similarities talked about here, however, pertain to a very subtle realm which, according to Taimini, "baffle even Omniscience."

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