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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Janmausadhi-mantra-tapah samadhi jah siddhayah.

Janma = birth; ausadhi = drugs; mantra = incantation;tapas = penance; Samadhi = state of super consciousness; jah = born of; siddhayah = powers.

The Siddhis are born of birth, drugs, mantras, penance or Samadhi. (IV-1)

In last issue we saw how some people have siddhis (yogic powers) by birth.

Siddhis of some lower nature can happen by certain type of Aushadhi (herbs etc). A series of books written by the disciple of South American mystic Don Juan Just gives a glimpse of how intake of certain mushrooms under the able guidance of a perfect master could bring a change in the consciousness.

Such methods were perhaps used in Tantras to give a glimpse of altered states of consciousness to a disciple grossly involved in the world. For certain type of personalities it is just not possible even to comprehend the concept of higher states of consciousness, expansion, peace and relaxation. Under controlled conditions adepts could think of a strategy of "pushing" such disciples to altered states of consciousness to give them the glimpse of subtler layers of our existence, to motivate them for pursuance of higher life without the use of any drugs (aushadhi) etc, later.

Use of such props may be necessary (in some rare cases), in the beginning to de-condition the mind but afterwards one has to be independent of the same and pursue the path through systematic training. Therefore a master would administer certain drugs very carefully watching the progress of the disciple.

Not knowing the esoteric subtleties of such practices, some students and (so called) teachers of Yoga of modern times land in difficulties. Guidance of a true Guru is a must in such cases. It is therefore advisable to not to talk much about Siddhis through drugs etc. Use of Mantras, Tapas etc which purity the system is much better. We will see about the same in next issue.

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