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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Janmausadhi-mantra-tapah Samadhi jah siddhayah.

Janma = birth; ausadhi = drugs; mantra = incantation; tapas = penance; Samadhi = state of super consciousness; jah = born of; saddayah = powers.

The Siddhis are born of birth, drugs, mantras, penance or Smadhi. (IV-1)
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Mantra Shastra is one of the ancient most sciences of Yoga. It is based on the power of Sabda (sound). "Sound" (not in its usual sense), like consciousness, is the primary aspect of the manifested universe. We can say consciousness and sound are the two sides of the same coin. Therefore it is told that the whole universe came from the "Humkara" or Sound of Iswara. Om is the fast "spandana" or vibration of the Sound from which the whole creation took place. "In the beginning there was Word and Word was power" it is told.

Different sounds alter our state of consciousness in different ways. A mantra is a harmonious combination of some potentially powerful sounds recitation of which brings desirable results. Mantras have been used in ancient India both for mundane and divine purposes-right from curing a snake bite, treating a chronic ailment, fulfilling a wish, to gain the vision of a chosen deity. Each sound (Sabda) has a corresponding from (Rupa). Recitation of a mantra in prescribed way is bound to produce the association from. Just like mixing of Oxygen and Hydrogen (through proper process) has to produce water.

If a particular mantra is recited with specific purpose of getting a Siddhi, a yogic power, it does bring that power to the aspirant. In certain cases Siddhis just come to a holy person involved in intense Mantra Sadhana, though he might have not excepted the same and, therefore, may not make use of them And the ultimate purpose of Mantra Shastra, like all other yogic sciences, is to realize the Self.

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