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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Tada sarvavarana-malapetasya jnana-syanaatyaj jneyam alpam.

Tada = then (after Dharma-Megha-Samadhi when one is free from the bondage of Karma); Sarva = all; Avarana = veil; Mala = impurities; Apetasya = devoid of; Jnanasya = of knowledge; Anantyat = due to infinity; Jneyam = the knowable; Alpam = tittle.

Then, due to removal of all the veils and destruction of all the impurities, infinity of knowledge. In comparison to that infinite knowledge (obtained in Enlightenment), that which can be known (through the mind) is but little. (IV-31)

In a gathering (a public lecture, for example), if we find someone sleeping, we tend to laugh, more so if it is accompanied by a snoring indicating a deep sleep. We think we are awake. Are we?

In the supposedly awakened state we all are under the spell of a different type of stupor. That is the spell of Maya. That spell is called avaran (veil). Under that spell we get irritated over small stuff and then repent. To get angry again. And many such other follies we indulge in and the life goes on. We live under a hypnotic spell. Due to an impure mind(mala) we misunderstand our own people; react to situations and events, due to wrong attitude.

We sleep in the night and think we have taken rest. No doubt our physical system gets some rest. And a relative rest is given to mind also. But a state of peace is a totally different thing. Peace that one experience in the sublimating states while listening to a divine melody or in a state of meditation.

Meditation is just a door to higher states of consciousness. There are deeper and deeper layers of silence as we sink deep within our own self through different layers of Samadhi. But perfection does not have limits.

At the height of perfection one transcends the world of Maya and has a quantum leap in the Unknown in the state of Enlightenment. That state cannot be described so the Wise expressed it saying Neti Neti (indescribable). Such is the vast expansion and the infinite knowledge in that state. However great knowledge one may get through mind, compared to the state of Enlightenment it is nothing. In that state all the impurities have brunt and even the thinnest veil of Maya is uncovered revealing pristine pure state of consciousness.

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