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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

(A brief note Patanjali Sutra) Su.4.34

Purusartha-sunyanam gunanam pratiprasavah kaivalyam svarupa-pratistha va citi-sakter iti.

Purusartha = aim of the Purusa; sunyanam = devoid of; gunanam = of the Gunas; prati-prasava = re-absorption; Kaivalyam = Liberation; Swarupa = own nature; Pratistha = establishment; va = or; citi-sakteh = power of pure Consciousness; iti = Finish (concluding sutra).

Kaivalya is the state (of Enlightenment) following re-absorption of the Gunas because of their becoming devoid of the object of thePurusa. In this state the Purusa is established in his own (Real) nature which is pure Consciousness. Finish. (IV-34)

This is the concluding sutra of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra which talks of the ultimate goal of human life, Kaivalya (liberation).

That ultimate state of liberation is beyond the realm of intellect and therefore cannot be described in words and that is why our scriptures referred to It as neti neti (not this, not this).

Once when a great master, after such a peak experience, appeared before his disciples, they insisted he share his experience with them. His opening statement, then, was: "The Truth is now corrupted". The Truth that one 'sees' in the higher states of consciousness, gets diluted when it comes to verbal. It has to be communicated non-verbally only. Even at mundane level, soft feelings of love or some creative ideas that look so bright in our brain, get diluted by the time we put them in black and white.

Great Master Patanjali here only technically points out that which takes place in the state ofKaivalya.

We all are product of the basic stuff that we refer to as Pure Consciousness and after the evolutionary cycle is over (the purpose of Life itself is to through various experiences to emerge as an Evolved Being), we go back to that of Pure Consciousness as mentioned in the third sutra of patanjali in his first chapter (Tada Drstu Swarupe Awasthanam i.e. 'Then the Seer is established in his true nature').

Prakrti including mind etc comes into existence due to play of the threegunas. When a yogi is liberated, he is free from the clutches of Prakrti and for him, the three gunas resolve back into the state of equilibrium.

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