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Patanjali Yoga Sudha III-22

Balesu hasti baladini

Balesu = (by samyama on) strength; hasti = elephant; bala = strength; adi = etc.

By performing samyama on the strength, power of a elephant etc. (III/25)

The mind, when free from interrupting thoughts, is focused on a particular object or concept, it absorbs the same like sponge. In previoussutra we saw how by contemplating on positive thoughts we will become if we focus on the very concept of strength ! We can get the strength of an elephant !Of course theelephant is symbolic here suggesting unlimited power. One can hardly fathom the powers of mind. And by proper discipline, these powers can be brought down to the physique. We have examples in our country where people have demonstrated such powers, by performing kumbhaka famous persons like Prof Ram Murthy have been able to beartones of weight on their chest. What is kumbhaka at breathing level, Dharana is at mental level. And samyama is much more advanced than Dharana. Even a lay man can feel a surge of energy by performing kumbhaka. We can lift heavy weights by holding ourbreath (kumbhaka). Then what to talk of great masters who perfected the art of deriving tremendous energy from the cosmos through their yogic powers. It is told that Bheemasena of Mahabharata had the strength equal to many elephants.

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