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Patanjali Yoga Sudha III-26

Pravrtti-aloka-nyasat suksma-vyavahita viprakrsta-jnanam.

Pravrtti = super physical faculty; Aloka = light; Nyasat = by directing; Suksma = subtle; Vyavahita = hidden; Viprakrasta = distant; Jnanam = knowledge.

Knowledge of the subtle, the hidden and the distant by directing the light of super physical faculty.

Man struts on this earth thinking this planet is the only world. Even on this planet we are exposed to a very little portion of the physical world due to the limit of our senses. As a great scientist says ".....the world is not as we perceive it. We perceive this world through our senses and our senses cheat us".

It is a common piece of knowledge that we can't hear sounds that dogs can. Our range of sound perception is confined to our 'spectrum'. Same is true of other senses. Quoting from Yoga Vashistha our teacher says, "These are worlds and worlds existing together along with the world known to us". These worlds don't clash with each other like waves of different frequencies co-exist. We have to only tune our instrument.

A yogi knows this art of tuning by directing his knowledge to the desirable object. He can peep deep in atom (subtle) and know its secret without the aid of any electronic microscope. (In fact, science has failed to reach the ultimate Truth through gross equipments whereas a yogi, by his 'Super Senses', perceives the Ultimate Reality). Knowledge of distant galaxies can be acquired without the aid of telescope. Much is talked about the wonder of Kirlian photography that helps us perceive the subtle body but a yogi has just to direct his subtle faculties to know the secrets of deeper levels of our existence.

A true yogi, however, does not waste his time and energy in such occupation and directs his senses to the higher levels for spiritual enlightenment.

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