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Patanjali Yoga Sutra III-28

Chandre taravyuhajnanm.


Chandre = (by performing Samyama on) the moon; Tara = star; Vyuha = arrangement; jnanam = knowledge.

(By performing Samyama) on the moon, knowledge concerning the arrangement of stars (III/28).

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" is the favorite rhyme of not only children but even of elders. Who is not fascinated by sight of twinkling stars in a dark night! The joy increases much more if one has a little knowledge of astronomy and is able to make out various formations viz the Orion, Great Bear etc. And what to talk of the joy of a scientist who knows the basic design behind the arrangements of stars visible to us. But the Cosmos is so vast that with all the sophisticated modern gadgets supported by atomic and computer power, we are able to get yet only a glimpse of the universe known to us.

But the knowledge of a Yogi is complete. Stars are surrounded by planets which are, in turn, surrounded by their satellites, the smallest unit in the arrangement of stars. By performing Samyama on his smallest unit (moon), the yogi gets the knowledge of the basic design behind the arrangements of all the stars in the universe.

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