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Patanjali Yoga Sutra

Sarvarthataikagratay H Ksayodayau Cittasya Samadhi Parinamah

Ksayo = Weakening of; Sarvarthatai = Attention on many things destructiveness; Udayoh = Rise of; Ekagrata = One-pointedness; Cittasya = State of the mind is; Samadhi = Deep absorption; Parinamah = Transformation.

When there is weakening of attention to all things and there is the rise of one pointedness, that is the transformation into the 'Samadhi' state of the mind.

As understood in the previous sutras, it is innate nature of the mind to be attentive to all the things at the same time. One-pointedness is also the nature of the same mind. This is the anatomy of the mind. The mind has to be trained and tamed to weaken this disperviseness. This weakening of distractive nature of the mind is the sadhana. Strengthening of the force of one pointedness is a prerogative of sadhana. This taming is a skilful art and should never be forceful and sudden. It has to be gradual. This journey from many-pointedness to one-pointedness is the crux of mental transformation. The process has to be handled very delicately and effortlessly. That is the real mastery over the mind.

We are aware of many things, since awareness from one thought/object shifts to another thought/object. But at a single given moment and time the awareness is of only one thought/object. But the shifting is so fast that it appears that the mind is unbridled and disperse. This fastness has to be replaced with slowness and gradually let not the awareness shift from the single object. Finally, the innate unmanifested quality to shift will be eliminated. This subtle transformation is termed as Samadhi Parinama. Finally Nirodha Parinama is the awareness of the interval between two thoughts and Samadhi Parinama is the awareness of theQUIETITUDE. Cultivating one-pointedness infers holding the mind on a single object and vise versa.

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