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Patanjali Yoga Sutra

Tatra Pratyayaikatanata Dhyanam

Meditation some well - known techniques

In the last issue we have discussed the "Soham" method of meditation with which we identified ourselves with something vast like ocean or sky etc. In this issue we will discuss "Koham" method which is analytical in nature and may appeal more to people with such type of mind set who are predominantly intellectual.

Koham: This word is a combination of Koh (who) and Aham (I) meaning "who I am". The great Sage Ramana prescribed this method for all those who went to him seeking some solace. With eyes closed or open, we have to question our own self and transcending the last veil of Intellect descend into the ocean of silence. Am I this body or something more subtle? Body is subject to change and so is the mind. Am I this chanchal mind, the restless flow of thoughts? Or I am that subtle intellect that perceives all including our own mind. And what is that which is a witness, a Sakshi, even to this supreme tool of investigation called intellect, wisdom or Buddhi? What is that which never changes?...

Analyzing thus, a Sadhaka achieves the peak of all meditation, that profound silence which is the end of all enquires.

Paul Brunton, the famous British author, who through his books, let the whole world know the wisdom of this great Sage Ramana was full of questions and doubts when he first came to Ramanashrama in South India. The great master pushed him into deep silence through his Divine look and all his questions simply dissolved.

Similar to this method of meditation Koham is Upanisadic method of Pancha Kosha Viveka where a sadhaka transcends all the Koshas (levels of consciousness) one by one till he plunges deep in the ocean of silence.

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