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Patanjali Yoga Sutra

Tat Jayat Prajna Alokah (III/s)

By Mastering that (Samyama) the light of the higher consciousness.

Trees, rivers and mountains. The nature with all its variety is very beautiful. Equally wonderful is this mundane world with all the varieties created by man. And what to talk of the inner world: the dreams, variety of thoughts, feelings and emotions and various types of experiences. What is the basic material, if any, which is at the base of all these varieties at the base of all these varieties at different levels and planes, known and unknown, manifest andun-manifest. This has been the quest of Indian scientists called Rishis (seers) and Yogis. Their research was not outside leading to more varieties but they turned in ward to find that single source, the deep silence, the pure consciousness, the abode of all creation.

To dive deep within our own self to get ultimate Truth we have to withdraw our consciousness from outside and turn within through Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi or, to put it together, through Samyama (refer previous sutra: Trayam Ekatra Samyamah).

As we proceed on our journey within, layers and layers of inner beauty, of various states of consciousness unfold, and unveil till we reach the Ultimate. Light of Truth of pure, untainted consciousness dawns on us by mastering the art of Samyama.

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