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Patanjali Yoga Sutra III-49

Tato manojavitvam vikaranabhavah pradhanajayas ca.

Tatah = from that (from mastery over sense-organs); manojavitvam = speed like that of mind; vikarana-bhavah = being independent of instruments; pradhana-jaya = mastery over Prakrti; ca = and.

From that instant perception without the help of any sense organ and complete mastery over Prakrti. (III-49)

We perceive the wonderful world of illusion through our sense organs and interact with it through the organs of action. A yogi, by performing samyama on sense-organs and on the organs of action can by pass this process and have direct, instant, knowledge, with the speed of mind and also get a work done without using any organ of action.

Sometimes even a simple housewife gets the flash of intuitive faculty and uses it in a critical situation. Not even human beings, at a different level, even animals are pushed into this realm.

Once a man lost his cow and was unable to trace it. His friend suggested that the calf of the cow, which was tied with a rope, should be released and it will go straight to his mother. Following the advice of the friend, when the man released the calf, it can straight to the railway line where, sadly, its mother was dying, hit by a train.

Above incident can help us imagine how a yogi at a much higher level, with great mastery can use his intuitive faculty anytime to know anything without using his sense-organs and can achieve anything without using his organs of action, instantly.

Needless to say, mastery over Bhutas and Indriyas (explained in previous sutras) bring mastery over NATURE, the Prakrti, itself. And, of course, ultimate mastery for a man is to transcend the realm of Prakrti and be FREE!

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