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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Santosadanuttamasukhalabhah. (II/42)

Santosat = Contentment; anuttamah = unsurpassed; sukha = bliss, happiness; labhah = gain.

Superlative Happiness From Contentment (II/42)

We human beings are, basically, a mass of bliss-Ananda. Ananda, the state of bliss, peace and silence is the permanent state of mind as the very meaning of the word ananda suggests (a=lasting till end, nanda=state i.e. that state of mind that lasts till end) All other states come and go but there is, in the core of our being, that element that is unaffected, immune to all the disturbances, that which observes all the changes. Mother Sarada also says that no one can be miserable for a long time. Misery is also temporary.

But this state of bliss, ananda, is unfortunately covered by our constant cravings. We think by satisfying one desire we will be happy and content. But even before we satisfy one desire, other one crops up its head. Many a time, out of ignorance, we may feel free from all the desires and yet not experience the bliss. It is because in our sub-conscious mind many hidden desires lie unquenched in the seed form. These hidden, unfulfilled or half-fulfilled desires inhibit the fountain of bliss within us. When we are truly satisfied, realizing with understanding that materialistic objects cannot give us happiness then only contentment born out of wisdom dawns. Then only PRAJAHATIYADAKAMAN....(burning of the seed of the desire) takes place. then, as Lord Krishna says, one is ATMANYE VATMANA TUSTAH (totally self-satisfied).

Then the fountain of bliss gushes forth and we remain, for ever, in a state of superlative happiness which has no comparison.

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