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Patanjali Yoga Sutras III-51

Tad-vairagyat-api dosa-bija-ksaye-kaivalyam.

Tat = that (that siddhi, the siddhi referred to in previous sutra, the siddhi of omnipotence and omniscience); vairagyat = by non-attachment; api = even;dosa = bondage; bija = seed, ksaye = on the destruction; kaivalyam = liberation, nirvana, moksa.

By non-attachment even to that, on the vary seed of bondage being destroyed, follows kaivalya.(III-51)

Kaivalya, the total freedom is the final; goal of all life. The journey does not end till one achieves that. The last obstacle on the path of Total Freedom is attachment to the highest powers of Omnipotence and Omniscience. No doubt, these supreme powers on the path of godhood come with great mastery but when a master is attached to his/her subordinate, then it becomes a subtle slavery.

Therefore the great master Patanjali advises vairagya (detachment) even from these powers, to drop the last veil of illusion so that pure consciousness shines in its prestine glory.

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