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The difference between bhakti and kama

Bhakti is not Kama as it is in the form of stoppage. Bhakti in general is misunderstood as kama. Kama is to have a very strong attachment towards a particular object. That leads to the hatred of the another object. For instance: if I have a fanatic attachment towards Hinduism, I hate Islam, if I have a special attachment towards India then I hate Pakistan. If I have strong attachment towards sweets, I cannot like bitter food.

Strong attachment towards anything leads to hatred towards something. Thus kama has its opposite as hatred. But there is no antonym for this Bhakti as no duality can be found in it. Bhakti is a huge ocean, incomparable.

Kama is the impure love with the expectation. Bhakti is without expectation. Kama is a feeling, a product of mind. Bhakti is the very nature of the self. Kama is desire. Bhakti is Love.

Feeling like is lust, anger, jealousy and all are the product of the mind. But there are a few things that cannot be just the products of mind, though they work in mental level also. Can the peace, be called as the product of mind? Is the peace a feeling or an instinct? Is pure love a feeling? Is awareness a feeling? Is awareness the product of brain or mind? Is satisfaction or fulfillment a feeling? Is fulfillment a product of the brain?

Though they appear to be the products of mind, they have some other origin. Peace, Love, Awareness, Satisfaction and fulfillment are very nature of the Self, and not the products of mind, in real sense.

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