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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Anyasrayanam tyago nanyata (10)

To give up all other adoration is oneness with it. Identifying the self in the non-self is a huge drama that is going on in the universe. This is divided into three types by Sankara.

Identifying the Self in the relatives by saying, "He is my child; She is my wife".

Identifying the Self with the body, by saying, "I am fat; I am lean; I am short; I am tall".

Identifying the self with the mind by saying, "I am happy; I am sad."

All these are drama and nonsense. (Ananyata) is to be in Self always. Self is always pure. It has nothing to do with body-mind forces. But the identification of the self with the non-self like body-mind forces leads to all types of miseries. This identification of the Self with the non-self like body mind forces occurs that all leads to all types of miseries. This identification is nothing but a drama which is called as (mithya) or wrong knowledge by Sankara (ananyata) is to remove this identification and to be calm and pure always.

(Udasinata) - Actions can be divided into two types: Actions that are done with total attachment that are ego-centric and Dharmic actions that are done with non-attachment that reduce the strength of ego. The former leads to darkness, while latter leads to destroy the identification of the Self in non-self.

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