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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Lokavedesu tadanukulacaranam tadvirodhisudasinate (11).

To practice only those that are conducive to it the sacred and secular texts in non-attachment towards those that are against it.

Actions that lead to the destruction of wrong knowledge can be done weather it is sacred or secular. But a divine aspirant should not indulge himself in actions that are egocentric.

Sacred actions: A divine aspirant should not do rituals and prayers to get some cheap benefits. He should do rituals and prayers for the universal beings without any attachment.

Secular actions: One should do not worldly activities not to get just the name and fame or wealth and money, but for well-being of the society.

(Udasinata) is non-attachment towards ego and egocentric deeds. Ego is nothing but the misunderstood self. When the identification of Self in non-self occurs, self is misunderstood as ego. Thus, ego itself is misunderstanding.

Thus the whole life of a Sadhaka and his deeds should not become the source of a great misunderstanding in the universe; that will lead to further misunderstandings. A divine aspirant should be absolutely non-attachment towards egocentric deeds.

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