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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

But we can see the difference between the person without worship facing the problem in his life and the person with worship facing the problem in his life. We see that the person without worship is extremely tensed and feels agony more when he faces even a small problem and becomes extremely happy even by a small delight. He develops a strong urge even to get a cheap pleasure.

On the other hand a sincere worshipper faces any kind of problem in his life calmly without tension or stress. He has his own philosophies-I have divine support in all problems; things take place according to karma; I have nothing to do with those things; I am pure, God is taking care of me. With all these philosophies he can easily justify all of his miseries. His materialistic attachment is also reduced. A sincere worshipper never falls is misery "sarbotroparatriyatro dukhashya cha sukhashya cha" non-attachment towards both materials joy and agony is the great qualification of the real worshipper.

Loko'pi tavadeva; kintu bhojanadivyaparastvasariradharanavadhi (14)

Secular deeds should be performed till the Bhakti becomes stable. But the activities like eating and sleeping should be there till bearing of the body.

Eating and drinking are the basic needs for the survival of te physical body that are unavoidable. But for the few activities like eating and sleeping should be there till the bearing of the body.

Even without desire fulfillment, one can stay in Peace. Neither all desires are fulfilled in anybody's life nor the beings are always in misery as all desires are not fulfilled. Thus we can understand that one can be happy even without desire fulfillment. On the other hand, we see that one gets agony when he is always indulging himself in the desire-fulfilling deeds.

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