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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Worldly duties should be performed by a Sadhaka till Bhakti becomes stable, Says Narada. But Krishna says in Gita, "even after achieving the goal one should not give up the worldly duties. By performing the worldly duties, one should set an example for all ordinary people.

One should not confuse the minds of ordinary people who are sincerely involved in sacred and secular activities by talking on actionlessness; that may lead the people to inertia.

Even the seer has to work as ordinary beings, as if attached towards the worldly activities, though he knows himself as boundless of actions. The whole life can be played as a drama.

Considering the whole life as a drama is not an insult to the life. Life is a drama, a beautiful drama-a wonderful drama that has to be played very sincerely and devotedly. Krishna played different roles very sincerely in the drama of life, as an administrator, as a counselor, as a master, as a charioteer, as a messenger, as a minister. He is Silence in Reality.

He can play all those roles perfectly, because He recognizes all these roles as roles in a drama. He who cannot recognize this may get attached with one particular role and may fail in all other roles.

But Krsna is perfect in all the roles. Mayavidambanamavehe yatha natasya 'Consider all the deeds of Krishna as a drama played by the player' says, Bhagavatam.

It is told that even the great saints like Kabir, Raidas, Sena and Gora Kumhara never gave up their worldly duties even after achieving the goal. Kabir never gave up his weaving; Raidas never gave up his work of making the shoes and chappals; Sena remained always a barber; Gora never gave up his pot making.

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