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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Tallaksanani vacyante nanamatabhedhat. (15)

Qualities of Bhakti are told by great saints according to the different schools of thoughts.

There are different Bhakti traditions and Bhakti schools of thoughts. Each one has freedom to have his or her own way of Bhakti. There is nothing wrong in different ways and schools. They are not contradictory but complementary to each other.

Two types of Bhakti are found in Ramanuja tradition - Markata Kisora Bhakti (catching hold of the Lord through Sadhana, as the little one of the monkey catches hold of the mother), Marjala Kisora Bhakti (allowing the Lord to catch hold of us, as the kitten allows the mother).

There types of Bhakti are found in Vallabha tradition - Tamasic Bhakti, Rajasic Bhakti and Sattvic Bhakti.

Four types of Bhakti are found in Bhagaved Gita: (Arta - Bhakti to release from miseries, Artharthi - Bhakti to get material joy, Jijnasu- Bhakti with true aspiration) and Jnani-Bhakti with true wisdom.

Five types of Bhakti are found in Vallabha tradition - Vatsalya (Parental Love), Sakhya (friendship), Madhurya (Lover's Love), Dasya (Servant's Love) and Santa (the Tranquil Love).

Six forms of Bhakti are seen in Pancaratra - Anukulyasya Sankalpah.

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