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Patanjali Yoga Sutras

Astyevamevam (20)

This is in this way only.

He practiced all the sadhanas that include Tantric Upasanas, asyabhava of Ramabhakti tradition, Gopikabhava, becoming a child to feel the divinely motherhood and all.

He came to the conclusion that all these paths are correct. Paths may vary; but the goal is same. Goal of all these paths is silence, purity, calmness, peace and love. He came to know that even the path of Buddha and the message of love of Christ lead to the same silence. If daily Namaz (worship of Allah) and vows of Islam in the month of Ramzan are practiced sincerely, that also can lead to the same Silence. Sarve manonigrahah laksanantah. All these sadhanas are only ending in the removal of mind.

If the goal is same, why to quarrel with each other? Why to do so fanatic? Everybody has the right to follow his/her own way of Bhakti according to his/her own mental maturity. There are tamasic people who are meant for their own paths. There are Rajasic people who are meant for their own path. Then why to blame to each other?

Then why to say 'my way is the only way in the whole world.' In fact no path can be totally perfect in the whole world, because all paths belong only to this world which is not totally perfect. Therefore, there is no need of blaming each other. Let us be friendly and let us express through the language of Love. This is the message of Sri Ramakrishna.

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