The handwoven yoga mat...what a great price for such a wonderful item! I`m tall, and this mat is perfect to use for stretching out and just a beautiful feel. I still can`t believe I got this at such a great price! I have suggested this site to a ton of my friends already, and I hope they order!

Michelle , Atlanta, GA

I've used your wonderful fabric woven yoga mat for several weeks now. The tactile energy it delivers to my feet and hands far surpasses anything the rubber mats that I see on the floor beside me could possibly deliver. You make a superior product and your fast delivery and customer follow up have made this a very positive purchase experience for me. We in the US need to learn & follow in your example.

Burton, Tryon, NC

The 3 in 1 mat is the mat i have been looking for. it's beautiful to look at, no more sweaty hands and it gives grounding into the mat a whole new feeling. very happy with it.

K.Strickler, Nellysford, VA

I love my new mat! Being very sensitive to dyes, preservatives and chemicals, I am so happy to  finally find a mat I can use with confidence and without fear of doing harm to myself. I get many  compliments on my new mat/rug from classmates. Warrior poses are a little harder to do on my  mat/rug, so I step over to a traditional sticky mat for those poses and then right back to my new  one for the next pose. It is a pleasure to lay on for Shavasana, Child's Pose, and any other pose  that puts my body against the mat. Service was fast and very pleasant. Thankyou!

Joan Garliss, Santa Rosa, NM

Thank you very much for your excellent service! The Hand Woven Yoga Mat I purchased is wonderful and it arrived in a very timely manner. Thanks again!

M.G. Anchorage, AK