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Jalaneti Pot Testimonial

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Jala Neti Pot Testimonials


" Your service is fantastic--but the products are even better! The Neti pot you sell is far superior to any other I have seen on the market, yet the price was actually lower than the cheapie plastic one I found at our local pharmacy. I am happily `addicted` to my Neti pot. I have publicized all over the net on Facebook and other forums because you sell a wonderful product at a great price. Thank you!!. "

Vicki, Duluth, MN

" This was my second order for Neti Pots. My daughter and my husband decided my successful use of your wonderful product was worth imitating! I had researched the different pots and yours, hands down, is the most sanitary out there. The stainless pot goes into the dishwasher regularly, is large enough for me to do both sides without remixing the salt and water, and for the first year in my 66 years, I have not had a Fall cold which always ends in chest congestion. I attribute that to my daily use of your pot! I do not have allergies but my daughter and husband do so we are hoping for the same results for them. Also, your timely shipment and information online as well as that which comes with the pots was very helpful. "

K.Fischbach, Palatine, IL

" The neti pot arrived in good order and quickly, about ten days after the order was placed, at our house in San Antonio, Texas, USA. It was given as a gift to a friend who is delighted with it. Our two neti pots, which we ordered from you about five years ago, are still serving us well. "

D.Caraway, San Antonio, TX

" I received the Neti Pot and learned how to use it from the DVD. I`m extremely satisfied with the design of the pot and use it as directed. It has so far (a few weeks) helped my comfort from allergic rhinitis. I cannot tell if it decreases symptoms from infections (as scientists say it will) because it is too soon. So I am hopeful on that score. "

S.Daum, New York, NY

" I am very pleased with the service and the product. The Jala Neti pot is of excellent quality. By following the very clear instructions on the DVD I have achieved much relief of my nasal dryness and stuffiness. The instructions are indespensible. I had used a neti pot years ago, without instructions, and the results were not satisfactory. Using my neti pot as you have shown me has become a daily habit and I am breathing and feeling much better! Thank you! "

A.R-Noyola , Sanford, SC

" The Neti Pots were delivered AOK only 4 days after I placed the order! I ordered on Sunday evening, Oct. 4 and the pots were delivered on Thurs, the 8th. I`ve been using the pot for almost 1 month now and my rhinitis has improved quite a bit. I`m VERY, VERY satisfied with your service. I`m thinking of ordering more to give to friends- and maybe something else for myself. "

K.C.Bradley, Bangkok, Thailand

" I am very satisfied with the stainless neti pots and commend you for the prompt shipment and delivery. My order arrived earlier than I expected. The neti pot is outstanding. I suffer from severe sinus/stress headaches that medicine would not help at all. I found relief after the first use of my neti. My headaches are gone. I was so astounded that I could not wait to tell my friends and family. I wish I knew about this 20 years ago. I feel your doing an excellent job. I am going to shop here again and refer you to my friends and family. Thanks"

S.McGlaughlin , Cambridge, MD

" I use the Neti pot every morning and cannot believe how much better I feel. Your product is superior to what I could find locally in stores and I think the instruction booklet and CD were extremely valuable and absolutely crucial to assuring proper use of the Neti Pot. This is an incredibly effective product but, in my opinion, to assure quality of product and safe usage should be purchased from a reliable source such as Health and Yoga. Thank you for a wonderful product that improves my health and quality of life, and for your dedication to outstanding customer service. "

S.K.Stock, Lawrenceburg, IN

" The Stainless Steel Neti Pot Has worked its magic on me and continues to do so after each use. It is a breath of fresh air and i would recommend it to anyone.Although my nasal pasages have been jammed for years and in my case i may need something more this really helps,thank you! "

C.Montiel , San Diego, CA

" Absolutely life changing product! I have suffered from nasal congestion all my life and no drugs or pranayama has managed to clear it. I was at the point of seeing a surgeon for a more drastic solution. After a few irritations with the neti pot there is a marked improvement. The best thing is that I can continue to use it long term without complications. Thank you. I wish I bought this years ago!  "

C.Zagorski, Essex, UK

" Very well made and very well designed. communications have been outstanding and show a caring with those that have bought your products. keep up the great work and thanks."

J.C.Cbeck , Manahawkin, NJ

" We are *VERY* pleased with our new stainless steel neti pots. We've been using a cheap plastic neti pot (I say "cheap", but it cost about what these cost) from the drug store for a couple of years. The difference is astounding. These are so much easier to use, and they don't irritate my nose. I will definitely recommend to others. Thanks! "

Michael, Antioch, TN

" My neti pot came reasonably fast. it was actually cheaper than any other pot I have seen (even the small ones in plastic).

The instructions were good and easy to follow, and when I just bought the right salt I had a pleasant experience even when the salt packages were used. Stage one is quite easy after a bit of practise. After four to five times, I didn't have to go outside anymore as I don't have to lean as much forward as before. I still go outside as much as I can as I like sunlight and have a beautiful garden.

The FAQ on your site is also practical as I can check stuff I don`t remember even when I don`t bring with me the booklet. Stage two could probably have been clearer, but I believe I just have to practise a bit more before I understand it.

Since I bought two pots, I will bring both with me to a yoga retreat we are having in July. I don`t know how it compares to the Norwegian options, but I do want to have someone who has tried them to judge it. If he or she prefers it, than perhaps the yoga organization buy some as it's out of stock of neti pots."

Ketil, Norway

" I recently received my stainless steel Neti pot and am very impressed by its quality. As a new Neti practitioner, I found this pot very easy to use with only a little practice. Its light weight and size make it easy to hold onto, to help get the proper position.   "

Jamie Linck, Grand Forks AFB, ND

" I am greatly enjoying the neti pot, it is replacing a small ceramic neti pot and I like your larger metal pot much better. The flow is stronger, I don`t have to refill it to do the other nostril, which makes it much easier. And thank you for doing the video, it helped immensely in improving the experience for me."

Jennifer, Jacksonville, FL

" I did receive the two stainless steel neti pots in the mail and I am very satisfied with them. I can tell such a difference when I use them. It makes it so much easier for me to breathe and at night, I have always had such a difficult time feeling like I wasn`t getting enough oxygen - this doesn`t happen when I am faithful about using a neti pot before I go to bed.  You have a great product!   "

G.M.Berndt, Fifty Lakes, MN

" My husband received our first Health and Yoga stainless steel Neti Pot as a gift from friends who introduced him to the practice. After raving about how great it made him feel, I finally tried it when I had a cold. The experience was so amazing--my head instantly felt clearer and I could breathe much better--that I had to have my own Neti Pot as well as another one for each of us in our vacation home! The design of the Health and Yoga Neti Pot with its elegant nose cone is the best we have seen and makes the Neti Pot easy to use. We especially like that it is stainless steel which we agree is much better than ceramic or plastic models. I have shared my Neti Pot with friends who now have to have their own. The service and delivery were fast and courteous and we appreciate the follow up emails and all the information that came with the Neti Pot. Very well done! Thanks Health and Yoga!     "

Lisa Pistacchio, Moss Beach, CA

" Thank you so much! It`s quality is unsurpassed by any others I`ve seen. Stay the course!   "

F.Danielek, Townsend, WA

" I bought the Stainless Steel Neti Pot and was very impressed. The improved performance and quality had an immediate impact on the effectiveness of the cleansing process. Additionally, your service was outstanding, with emails before and after delivery so we always knew the status of our order. Thank you.    "

R.E.Baime, Wexford, PA

" I ordered my products for Christmas presents... To my happy surprise, my order was delivered in less than a week! I ordered Jala Neti Pots for gifts. My family members thought I was nuts until they actually tried the Jala Neti they are very thankful for the unusual gifts! I will purchase from Health & Yoga again!  "

L.Schick, Fargo, ND

" These were gifts for friends (other yoga teachers). My mother and husband both love the pots I gave them, and I love mine. Excellent design, great service, an absolute pleasure. One of my best "random" internet purchases ever. Every aspect of the process was wonderul.   "

Barbara L. Briggs, Wallingford, PA

" I purchased 1 for me and 2 as gifts (which were enthusiastically received). It is very well designed with respect to fit and function. I appreciate that it is also unbreakable and easy to clean. A great product-- thank-you!  "

S.Subak, Seattle, WA

" Outstanding as always . . . this is the 2nd set of Neti pots that I have ordered from you. One to replace the one I was using and one for my daughter. I gave the 2nd one from the first order to my son. We all use our Neti`s with outstanding results. I just had my first bout with sinusitis in over 4 years. It was due to an exposure to something in the air and it took hold before I could get back home to my Neti pot. However, after netiying my nose twice daily, the sinusitis only lasted about 3 days. Thank You!!!  "

S.Donham, Brooksville, FL

" Bought your Neti pot two months ago. Great service. Design is far superior to the usual pots I've seen -easy to use and clean, with plenty of volume. The instructional DVD was clear and thorough. The online FAQs and discussion of using Neti pots was exhaustively informative. Have been using it at least twice a day for the last month and am already experiencing its benefits. Thank you so much for developing and selling such an excellent product. "

K.J.Drab, North Wales, PA

" I was interested in purchasing a Neti pot to help with some sinus issues I have had for several years. I did some research on the internet, and found many positive recommendations for your product, along with logical reasons why yours was better (stainless steel, larger size, etc.) After using it for several weeks, I fully agree. Wonderful. Shipment was fast, and the whole process smooth. The instructional DVD was nicely done and helpful as well. Thanks for everything!! "

D.Ruberg, Chandler, AZ

" I love my Neti Pot. It took a week or so to get the technique just right, but I don't miss a day now. I live between two corn fields and a cow pasture. I haven't had any sinus problems at all since using my Neti. I would suggest Neti to anyone. The shipping on my order was very quick. Less than a week at Christmas time. Health and Yoga is a great site, and love shopping and reading the articles. My yoga studio sells Health and Yoga products as well. Thank you for a great site. I will continue to conduct business with you in the future. "

J.Weigant, Evansville, IN

" The Stainless Steel Neti Pot is fabulous! I've used a ceramic one in the past, but this Pot has a perfectly shaped spout that doesn't allow leakage of the saline out of your nose, the pot is larger to allow a more thorough cleanse, and the quality is excellent! I also prefer the premeasured salt packets ~ they help make traveling with my Neti Pot much more convenient. Thank you for such a wonderful product.  "

B.Ryals, Evans, GA

" The Neti pot I ordered (stainless steel) is the best neti pot I have had and I couldn't live without it; especially during allergy season. The website portrays it exactly as it is and shipping was quick. Thanks to Health & Yoga for their quick response and follow up. I highly recommend their site and thorough information on their products to anyone looking for a Neti pot or other health products. A+++  "

Aimee, orlando, FL

" I love the Neti pot. I did alot of research before I bought one the set I received from Health & Yoga is fabulous. Holds alot of solution & stainless steel is best for longevity! I haven't gotten a cold or the flu. My entire family needs this neti-pot!!!  "

Mery, Georgetown, KY

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