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Lion Pose (Sinhasana)

Sinhasana is an Indian translation for Lion pose. You can learn this asana as below:


This asana fulfills all the energy required for meditational asanas. This plays especially an important role in awakening Ajnachakra. During this pose, alpha waves are generated which provides peace to the senses and when senses withdraws itself from all the allurements the mind gets inward and slowly concentration arises that simplifies the meditational path.

  • First stand on your knees.

  • Maintain at least two foot distance between the knees.

  • Join both the big toes together.

  • Place the buttocks over the soles.

  • Balance the body in this pose.

  • Now bend forward the torso.

  • Keep both the hands straight and place the palms inside the knees below the thighs.

  • Fingers of both hands should remain inside the thighs.

  • Now turn the neck back so that you may realize some strain over there.

  • Balance the body in this position.

  • Close the eyes and remain conscious towards the breathing.

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Techniques adapted from Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha by Swami
Satyananda published by Yoga Publications Trust, Munger, Bihar.


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