Retreats and Holidays in India

India, undoubtedly is the World capital of Yoga. Besides, a rich and diversified culture much of Indian life is simple and inspired by yogic principles.

Healthandyoga endeavours to provide you the best Yoga Travel and Study options from locations best know for such holidays. Whether you seek yoga holidays by the Ashrams of Rishikesh, the beaches of Goa or then, the natural beauty of Kerala, you need to look no further.

Retreats and Holidays
in India

Yoga holidays in India are especially desirable as many of them are built around authentic yoga instruction, as opposed to the shallow teachings found elsewhere in the world.

See the range of yoga travel offerings available below. Simply click on the holiday of your choice to get further details about it. You can even ‘save’ the holidays of your choice and then make enquiries to all your saved holidays from a single form.

Oh yes ... Please keep coming back as we constantly add new retreats.

Location : Trivandrum - Kerala - India
Type : Sivananda - Yoga
Price : Not Available
Dates : Round the year! - Suggested stay 7 days minimum    
The holiday offers an immensely satisfying mix of a traditional holistic experience amidst native culture and a mesmerizing natural environment. More...
Location : Kottayam - Kerala - India
Type : Wellness
Price : Cheap/Affordable
Dates : Flexible; recommended 2 to 3 weeks    
Experience an individually customized natural treatment and diet program specially designed for weight loss in a natural, eco-friendly and spa equivalent holiday set up. More...
Location : Kottayam - Kerala - India
Type : Detox/Cleansing
Price : Cheap/Affordable
Dates : Flexible; Recommended 2 weeks depending on Health disorder    
Experience individually customized natural treatments, diet program as well as detoxification programs for a variety of health disorders in a natural, eco-friendly and spa equivalent set up. More...
Location : Kerala - Kerala - India
Type : Ayurvedic, Wellness
Price : Not Available
Dates : Flexible - as per requirement    
Kerala with its diverse nature offers mystical charm. It is also the heart of Ayurveda – the ancient system of medicine, said to have cures for several ailments. More...
Location : Kodikulam - Kerala - India
Type : Sivananda - Yoga, Ayurvedic
Price : Cheap/Affordable
Dates : All Year Round    
Designed similar to a Kerala homestay, this holiday offers an authentic getaway with time to introspect while experiencing an authentic Ayurveda and Yoga rejuvenation package right at the doorstep of .... More...
Location : Kottayam - Kerala - India
Type : Ayurvedic
Price : Cheap/Affordable
Dates : Flexible; Recommended 2-3 weeks depending on Health disorder    
Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine, having its origins in Kerala, India. More...
Location : Goa Beach - Goa - India
Type : Hatha - Yoga, Detox/Cleansing, Spa, Wellness
Price : Luxury
Dates : Available all Year    
This is a high-end package that allows you to experience professionally conducted wellness programs in the quiet environs of a luxury beach house by the Arabian Sea. More...
Location : Rishikesh - Uttaranchal - India
Type : Wellness
Price : Budget
Dates : Minimum 2 weeks     
This is a unique weight loss program that combines Yoga, Naturopathy and Ayurveda to achieve weight loss in a healthy manner while increasing the prana or life force in the body. More...
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Yoga retreats in India : India is known the world over for many things and one of these amazing things is Yoga which has its origin in this amazing country. Rishikesh is one of the places that are famed for having the best yoga schools in India and arguably the world over. It also is an ideal holiday destination which is so peaceful and conducive for relaxation. Combine this with fun holiday activities among them trekking on the scenic hilly terrain that is an amazing sight to behold. Read more..

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