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Retreats and Holidays in United states

Options in United states include a wide range of retreats based on preferences such as yoga retreats, detox retreats, spiritual retreats and much more.

Other preferences could include the holiday Setting, suitability for singles, couples etc.

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Articles on Yoga Retreats in USA

Experience Traditional Yoga in USA : Each year millions of people travel to the United States of America. While some travel to the city of Las Vegas to have an unforgettable experience, others prefer to travel to Arizona to watch the Great Canyon. But recently a lot of people have started to travel to the United States for a whole new other reason i.e. to experience traditional yoga in the United States. Now we know that you will be jumping to the conclusion and be asking why to travel to United States for Yoga? Won’t it be better to travel to India that is that birth place of Yoga? Well, your questions are well justified. But before you make up your mind, it would be in your best interest to search about what United States has to offer with respect to Yoga. Read more..

Experience Traditional Yoga in USA : If you’re over 55, yoga is good for your mind as well as your body.
After eight weeks of Hatha yoga, studied individuals performed much better on information recall, task-switching and mental flexibility test then they did prior to beginning classes. The control group, senior adults who attended toning and flexing classes, showed no significant improvement. Researchers speculated that the student improved because Hatha yoga involves both physical and spiritual elements. Previous studies had shown that yoga has significant physical benefits that Western-based exercise does not offer.
Read more..

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