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Sandalwood Mala + Bag ( Saffron Mala Bag )

USD$  21.95

Product Details

Fast becoming extinct, sandalwood is naturally fragrant and exceedingly smooth. Sandalwood has traditionally been regarded as one of the purest substances and is valued for its cooling properties and its medicinal value too. It is believed to promote tranquility as an aid to meditation. Turning the sandalwood beads while chanting is supposed to have therapeutic properties that enhance calmness and a positive frame of mind.

Key Features
  • Fast becoming extinct, sandalwood is naturally fragrant and exceedingly smooth
  • Sandalwood has traditionally been regarded as one of the purest substances 
  • valued for its cooling properties and its medicinal value too.
  • It is believed to promote tranquility as an aid to meditation.
  • Turning the sandalwood beads while chanting is supposed to have therapeutic properties that enhance calmness and a positive frame of mind. 
Rating Reviews

Very good products.
Dec 28, 2015
Mikhail Ilfirovych
Verdun , Canada

All is good. Enjoying the mala beads. Thank you.
Oct 30, 2014

, -- Select Country --

Very happy with the service as well as the product.
Jun 17, 2014
Alan Hall
Clearfield , United States

My order arrived very quickly. Of all the items, the Sandalwood Mala is my favourite. It is beautifully crafted.
May 31, 2014
Bryan Frew
North Manly , Australia

Review not Provided.
Mar 30, 2014
Rikke Barnholdt Hansen
København V , Denmark

Hello, yes, I received the beads. I am very happy with them one set I gave as a gift and she loved them. The others will also be for gifts. I am very satisfied. Thank you.
Nov 24, 2012
Barbara Maxwell
Fullerton , United States

Review not Provided.
May 30, 2012
Kayla Anderson
Chicago , United States

Service was quick, and price was good, but product was a little disappointing. Out of the box, the tassel on the mala was unravelling. I straightened it out, and it is Ok, but I would have expected this to not have been necessary.
May 16, 2012
John Madill
Freeland , United States

Great Service. Quick Delivery. I will be ordering more malas from this organization.
Apr 02, 2012
Priti Mehta
Albuquerque , United States

this item was a gift, and the receiptient was very pleased and happy as she had requested this and described it specfically
Jan 26, 2012

, United States

I am happy with the mala beads! Do you have some that are slightly larger? I enjoy the fragrance. I received them in a timely manner. Thank you
Jan 09, 2012
Mary Moser
W. Lafayette , United States

I ordered the products from Canada and received them 3 days later. That`s fast !

I got exactly what I ordered.

Lotus seed Malas are just fine size, other ones are much smaller.
Aug 17, 2011
Adam Obajtek
LaSalle , Canada

Thank you so much for your delivery of the Sandalwood Mala Beads and Mala Bag. I am extremely pleased with my purchases and would like to thank you so much for sending them so promptly. I will certainly be using your company for further purchases in the future. Once again, thank you so much. Namaste
May 02, 2011
Glasgow , United Kingdom

I was very pleased with my order. I bought a mala for myself and the others as gifts for Christmas. I rec`d them right before Christmas and I was very happy with the response I rec`d from the people who rec`d them as gifts.

Thanks so much!
Jan 10, 2011
Scottsdale , United States

Liked it very much! Thank You!!
Oct 23, 2010
Lakeside , United States

I am extremely happy with my Sandalwood mala purchase. You guys shipped to Alaska extremely fast and the product was in perfect condition. Thanks!
Oct 21, 2010
Anchorage , United States

Very nice and reasonably priced. Thanks!
Sep 24, 2010
Flagstaff , United States

The 2 sandalwood mala`s with bags arrived safely. One was for a friend`s birthday, the other for myself. Thank you.
Sep 20, 2010
Colorado Springs , United States

Review not Provided.
Jun 03, 2010
Houston , United States

Review not Provided.
May 22, 2010
flushing , United States

Very fast shipping and very good product as described. I am very pleased with my purchase.
May 13, 2010
Champaign , United States

Your products are excellent and the service is also excellent. Thanks for your help.

The only problem I have is not your fault, but mine. The beads I ordered are too small for my hands and I wish I had ordered much larger beads. So I have not been able to use them in my practice.
Jun 23, 2009
Bartow , United States

The product and service was excellent! I will be confident and more than happy to refer any of my meditation friends to you.

Thank You,
Tom Niebur,
May 17, 2009
Bloomington , United States

Mala is high quality, and smells good, too. Thanks for the good quality and quick service.
May 08, 2009
San Luis Obispo , United States

Quality items. They were packaged well and received soon.
May 06, 2009
Overland Park , United States

The products, sandalwood and turquoise malas, were received quickly, well packaged, and are beautiful. As gifts, each was appreciated. I will be ordering again soon.
Apr 13, 2009
Gimli , Canada

It made a wonderful gift for my girlfriend. She was extremely pleased and surprised to receive it. Thanks
Apr 11, 2009
San Antonio , United States

Review not Provided.
Mar 29, 2009
Brooklyn , United States

I received my beautiful beads very quickly. Many many thanks,
Mar 22, 2009
New York , United States

Happy with everything. Thank you.
Mar 12, 2009
Wanatah , United States


This to confirm that I have in fact received the three Malas ordered. I am very pleased with the one Sandalwood Mala and bag. On the other hand, I was quite surprised with the two Citrine Malas. The beads are so small, compared to the photograph on the website. Because of their small size, it is difficult to continue the count as I recite the mantra without disruption. If I may suggest to you that in addition to the photoghraphs, you list the appriximate size of beads - perhaps in millimeters. The customer will then be a bit more informed prior to purchase.

Thank You
Mar 12, 2009
Casa Grande , United States

The package came very promptly and in great condition. I will definitely come back to you for more.
Feb 23, 2009
London , United Kingdom

I was very excited to receive my mala beads. I find myself wanting the wear them frequently. Their smell is what I love about them and the quality assures me that they`ll last a long time.
Feb 16, 2009
Magalia , United States

The beads and bracelet were a gift for my sister. She said she was very pleased with both and that she uses the beads every day. Thank you very much for your kind attention and efficient service.
Jan 15, 2009
Traverse City , United States

Beautiful and fast delivery. Thanks so much!
Jan 09, 2009
Wildwood , United States

Wonderful product, got to me very quickly, easy to use website. Excellent experience and I will return in the future! Thanks for the quality you put into your business! amy
Jan 02, 2009
williamsburg , United States

Review not Provided.
Dec 15, 2008
N Fort Myers , United States

The products are great, I received them in a reasonnable time, thank you for your efficiency and for the quality of your products.
Nov 20, 2008
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu , Canada

Greetings. It seems the cord on my lotus seed mala beads gave way. I have only worn them twice, and have been careful never to tug at them. They were hanging on the edge of my mirror when it happened. May I have them replaced ? Every thing else appears to be fine. Thank you very much.--Rose
Thank you.
Nov 02, 2008
East Calais , United States

I love my new mala. It arrived quickly. I will cherish it for years.
Oct 18, 2008
Sewanee , United States

Thank you very prompt delivery as usual.
Jul 18, 2008
Sevenoaks , United Kingdom

I ordered a few items, but most, I love my Sandalwood Mala + Bag. Amazingly fragrant and an excellent resource during meditation.


Jul 07, 2008
Huntersville , United States

Thank you very much!
May 31, 2008
Chattanooga , United States

I was very pleased the mala beads. The sandalwood beads smell sooo good. The order was processed and shipped fast. I recieved my order within a week of my order. Thanks.
May 14, 2008
White Pine , United States

I was very pleased with my first purchase and loved the merchandise. I received my order in 3 days and was very satisfied.
Mar 10, 2008
Sunnyside , United States

I have to say that I was greatly impressed with the contact that was kept with me until my beads arrived. The confirmations and the manner of the confirmations made me feel like I had made a smart decision before my beads had even arrived. My beads arrived in a very timely manner, even for coming from over seas! Thank you and I will be refering my friends and family to your website and online store.- Dr. Clint
Jan 10, 2008
Castle Rock , United States

My box arrived earlier than expected and everything was in great condition. I love the tea!
Dec 12, 2007
Battle Ground , United States

Yes I received my mala beads and bag and I am very pleased with both. Your service was excellent, fast and efficient and the product is as described on your web site. However, the beads are quite tightly strung together and pucker a little but perhaps this will lessen with use. Thank you again Maureen Twohig
Dec 11, 2007
Knocklyon , Ireland

Your products are wonderful.
Dec 01, 2007
Oxford , U.S.A.

Excellent and fast!
Nov 05, 2007
Amsterdam , Netherlands

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