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Hand Cast Cover

USD$  13.95

Product Details

The cast cover effectively protects the generic cast, bandage or wounds from water and keeps them dry during bath, shower or any other water activity. It also protects your cast from scratches and snags and keeps it clean and smooth. All casts are synthetic or POP based which needs to be kept dry for better results or early recovery from wounds or injuries, and the cast cover offers a convenient mean to keep your cast or bandage safe from water.

Key Features
  • Keeps your hand / arm cast, bandage, burns, cuts, prosthetics dry during bath or shower.
  • Suitable upto Half Arm - Length is up to 22 inches with circumference ranges from 6.2 to 14.2 inches.
  • Expandable rubber diaphragm - Easily accommodates any cast or arm size while providing a water tight fit.
  • Rigid ring with self sealing mechanism- no need of tapes or straps.
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