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Yoga Danda
Yoga Danda

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Yoga Danda is an ancient device, designed by yogis centuries ago. It is a tool to be had by a sincere yoga practitioner, who wishes to harness the power of yoga by balancing of energy.
Energy or Life force or Prana running in our bodies is the basis of our existence- our being. We can attain harmony when this energy is in harmony and in peace. The only way we can harmonise this energy is by controlling our breath pattern.
One part of controlling breathing is by watching and correcting the flow of air through our right and left nostrils. The irregular flow in the nostrils can be regulated by the practice of Pranayama. Yoga Danda helps in changing the flow of breath in nostrils. This allows a person to achieve optimum energy flow in the body. The flow of breath can be altered by supporting the Yoga Danda under the armpits (right or left as per need).
Yoga Danda is of great help to practitioners of Japa Meditation as well. Meditation with mala beads (japa) can be tiresome for the hands at times. So the practitioner can use the Yoga Danda to support his arm holding the beads. It enables a longer, unhindered japa without discomfort.
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"We purchased two Yoga Dandas for our sadhana in January 2016. They arrived within a week, in excellent condition. They were very well packed for the long journey from India. The Yoga Danda is a high quality beautiful piece of carved timberwork. If you want to help yourself in your pranayama and japa practice, by using the Danda as an arm support, as well as for the advertised use of clearing the nostrils when doing alternate nostril breathing, then we can highly recommend the Yoga Danda from Health and Yoga. If you want to do extended periods of pranayama, then you can also use the Danda to rest you arm on. This is done by placing the base of the Danda within your folded legs, and at an angle to suit your body`s trunk height. Note: We have no association with H&Y but we are simply happy customers. "

18 Feb,2016

from Sydney , Australia



12 Jan,2016

from KUALA LUMPUR , Malaysia


"It is a quality product and was delivered within time schedule notified. "

11 Jan,2016

from CHICALIM , India


"Both products I purchased arrived in excellent condition. They were well packed and arrived promptly. The products are good quality and well priced.I would definitely recommend to others. "

04 Jan,2016

from Frankston , Australia


"Review not Provided. "

28 Nov,2015

from Bangalore , India
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