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Nano Wand – Energy Generating AM Wand
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Nano Wand (AM) wand

Product Price :   USD$ 35
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Product Features :

1. Provides favorable energy frequencies to influence molecular structure of liquids
2. Treats disorders and decay through altering the molecular flow
3. Promotes detoxification and clears energy blockages
4. Enhances quality of water and food.

The materials used in the nano wand are of several types fused together in such a manner that they generate natural frequencies that have a favorable effect on where they are directed.

For example, stirring the nano wand in water can alter the molecular structure of water to provide better tasting and healthier water. Likewise, putting it in the refrigerator along with fruits and vegetables can prolong their freshness.

For the human body which is composed of 90% water, it is believed to work on the molecular structure to enhance smoother flow of blood and better elimination of toxins. Disease is believed to be due to energy blockages in the body and the nano wand frequencies help to eliminate these blockages.

This has effects such as retardation of ageing plus a stronger immune system.

To use, simply wear it as normal or point towards effected area and perform small circular motions around.   
Please allow 3 to 10 business days for delivery.
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