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Jala Neti Kit
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Jala Neti Kit

Product Price :   USD$ 27.95
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Product Features :

Neti pot – The ultimate natural tool to clear the nasal passage, to make your breath clear and unobstructed and help gain the fullest benefits of Pranayama.

Jala Neti Salt:- Pure salt is recommended for jala neti. The salt should be without any additives such as anti caking agents or even `so-called` healthy minerals

The Neti Video DVD:-This DVD gives a complete introduction and demonstration of the practice of Jala Neti (Saline Nasal Irrigation). It contains the demo of the actual practice of Jala Neti and practical lessons on drying the nose, a very important aspect of saline nasal irrigation.
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Please allow 3 to 10 business days for delivery.
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Latest Reviews / Rating


"Review not Provided. "

14 Mar,2014

from London , United Kingdom


"product arrived safely, And I was very pleased with product. It was just as advertised and expected. I would not hesitate to buy other products from this supplier in the future.

Thank you. "

13 Jun,2013

from Orland Park , United States


"I was a little confused by the adverisement and didnt buy what I thought I was buying - that is probably more to do with me! "

18 May,2013

from Mount Barker , Australia


"Jala neti should be made avaliable to everyone - I have never heard of it before but now I`ve tried it, it has so many benefits - everyone should try jala neti :) "

15 Mar,2013

from bristol , United Kingdom

   Good product, Excellent service

"After trying out various Netipots including a plastic, and a stainless steel pot of another make, I bought the SteloKleen Netipot. It is a real pleasure to use this pot. The nozzle of the pot is of the right diameter to allow a good flow of water. It is just set at the right angle to get the ideal tilt of the head to make the water flow smooth. The quantity of water that can be used in one go is quite large. I would certainly recommend this pot to beginners and experts alike. Beginners will get to learn how easy it is to do Jal Neti and the experts will just enjoy the experience.

I would also suggest a few improvements to the product. The gauge of the pot is pretty good but if a slightly higher gauge of stainless steel can be used, the rim of the pot need not have to be crimped and the pot will look a tad bit more elegant. I would also suggest that QA be a little more stringent. My pot had a very small scratch/dent at the bottom - not a show stopper though. "

20 Dec,2012

from Bangalore , India
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