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Location : Kottayam - Kerala - India
Type : Wellness
Price : Cheap/Affordable
Dates : Flexible; recommended 2 to 3 weeks    
Experience an individually customized natural treatment and diet program specially designed for weight loss in a natural, eco-friendly and spa equivalent holiday set up. More...
Location : Rishikesh - Uttaranchal - India
Type : non - specific - Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic, Buddhist, Detox/Cleansing
Price : Cheap/Affordable
Dates : All Year Round    
Peaceful, nourishing place to relax and balance your body & mind with Yoga, meditation and Ayurveda / Reiki / detox. More...
Location : Havelock Island - Andaman and Nicobar - India
Type : Hatha, Yin, Restorative - Yoga, Meditation
Price : Luxury
Dates : Mar    
Your Invitation to slow down. Immerse yourself in island life, connect to the enchanting beauty of the ocean, free your inner spirit, relax and enjoy! More...
Location : Goa - Goa - India
Type : Hatha - Yoga, Meditation
Price : Cheap/Affordable
Dates : All Year Round    
This 10 day Retreat will combine techniques from Yoga, Dance, Meditation, Zen Shiatsu, Kinesiology and Chi Gung, with interactive processes of self enquiry and healing Arts. More...
Location : Patnem beach, goa - Goa - India
Type : Hatha - Yoga, Meditation, Ayurvedic, Spa
Price : Budget
Dates : Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Nov, Dec    
Bamboo Yoga Retreat rests the body, refreshes the mind, and nurtures the soul. Yoga holidays and Retreats from a stunning Ocean-front centre south Goa More...
Location : Rishikesh - Uttaranchal - India
Type : Hatha - Yoga, Spiritual, Ayurvedic, Fitness, Detox/Cleansing, Wellness
Price : Budget
Dates : All Year Round    
Relax in the midst of idyllic Himalayas & two rivers. Relax, learn & absorb yoga with meditation in its age-old pristine form. Detox with Sattvik food More...
Location : Havelock Island - Andaman and Nicobar - India
Type : Yoga, Meditation, Fasting, Detox/Cleansing, Soul, Spiritual
Price : Budget
Dates : All Year Round    
Property has 9 fan cooled bamboo guest cottages reception area, yoga & multipurpose deck, restaurant& kitchen. Digital detox, nature oriented location More...
Location : North-Goa, Arpora, Bardez - Goa - India
Type : Hatha - Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual, Ayurvedic
Price : Budget
Dates : All Year Round    
The programs are designed to release the potential of the heart, mind, body and soul through the art of yoga in INDIA, GOA. More...
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