One aspect in full play during the current pandemic is the maxim of “Survival of the Fittest”. With the virus coming down most severely on people with co-morbidities, as well as upon Aged people, it’s really all boiling down to who is more Immune!

Arguably, there is no other form of fitness and lifestyle conduct other than Yoga which ensures the build up of this immunity and survival capacity.

Let us see WHY?

Yoga is Wholesome and for ALL – It works to optimize the working of ALL organs; the circulatory, respiratory, elimination and other bodily systems – all, WITHIN the limitations of the existing body. You can be of any age and in any condition; Yoga will work upon you within your own limitations to help you towards greater robustness.

Yoga builds up our Capacity and Overall Persona – Regular practice of Yoga creates a virtuous cycle within ourselves. As an example, Lungs are made to work optimally even in a stiff body. This better working of the Respiratory system in turn reduces the stiffness in the body making it more pliable. This increased pliability, in turn, enhances further the working of the Lungs and boosts the other related Circulatory systems as well, gradually spreading the salubrious effect over the entire body.

The lowest Risk form of Exercise and Fitness – “Using the self to improve the self”, Yoga uses your own body as a tool to propel and develop itself. This minimizes the risk of Injury because the body acts as its own circuit breaker when stretched beyond limit, protecting you from over-extending or injuring yourself.

Yoga is a TRUE Liberator – With absolutely no dependency upon exterior aids, external environment or any other person, it is naturally sustainable as an anytime, anywhere fitness.
In fact, if there were one kind of people who were unperturbed in this lockdown, it had to be the yoga practitioners who just carried on undeterred and unperturbed, all the while building their Immunity even more to handle the onslaught!

The Only Comprehensive Form of Fitness – With your body as the only available tool, yoga helps in:

  • Pushing forward the physical fitness needle at all times without the risk of injury
  • Developing a Self-understanding of your own body and internal workings like no other
  • Boosting mental health by inculcating the practice of looking WITHIN.

As a result, Yoga automatically provides to you these 3 Essential Legs upon which the Stool of Immunity stands.

As a single form of Fitness that works simultaneously on ALL planes – the physical, the psychological and the mental – comprehensively, the style to adopt for your Immunity and Longevity becomes a no-brainer, is it not?

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