Yoga is one such technique with roots in the ancient times. This prehistoric art laid its existence in traditional India. Since then, yogis have been rehearsing yoga asanas for a holistic life. Thanks to them that the whole world is blessed with this ancient technique.

With spiking population, work stress, family pressures, and other common causes, people are being exposed to aging and its early signs. “Getting old gracefully” has been recognized as a universal statement often pitched by the leading cosmetic brands. Well, aging is a natural phenomenon and a process which every living being undergoes. So getting old is not that bad, from a cosmetic point of view too, if accompanied by face yoga. Many doctors claim and recognize this facial exercise as an aid that helps tighten facial muscles and slows the aging process. Just as yoga benefits your whole body, face yoga’s daily practice improves the flow of oxygen to your facial muscles. It rejuvenates the skin cells, makes you look younger and prevents early signs of aging like lines, dark spots, and grooves.

As for me, face yoga is an activity that I make sure to indulge in my daily routine, just 10 to 15 minutes of it gives me that natural glow and relaxed face muscles.

Benefits of face yoga

Face yoga is a set of poses that ease your stressed face muscles, resulting in a toned and fresh look. Below are the benefits of facial yoga.

1. Slows down the aging process

As mentioned before, aging is an inevitable and natural phenomenon. We cannot stop it, but slowing its speed is possible through face yoga. With crumples gradually appearing with age, you tend to look older, braced with the stress of todays’ fast-paced life that many fall prey – the early signs of aging. Daily practice of facial stretching exercises will reduce these fine aging lines, slow down aging, and make you look younger.

2. Releases tension

With a predominantly sedentary lifestyle, and people bound to sit in one place for more than eight hours, results in a tensed spine, stressed neck, and flaccid core muscles. Face yoga is the best way to relax these stressed and tensed muscles, helping you calm down.

3. Shapes your face and eliminates the double chin

Face yoga gives shape to your jawline and lifts up your cheekbones. Its regular practice can eliminate a double chin. Look in the mirror now and if you have a double chin, then face yoga is the remedy.

Face yoga poses that you should do regularly

Fish face
This pose tightens your cheek muscles
How to do it- Suck your cheeks inside and purse your lips.

Kiss the clouds
This pose gives your jawline prominence, lifts cheekbones, and strengthens neck muscles.
How to do it- Kiss the clouds by looking up in the sky and purse your lips.

Puffer fish
This pose firms your cheek muscles
How to do it- Through your mouth take a deep breath, puff and move the breath from cheek to cheek.

The O-face
This pose helps reduce laughing lines
How to do it- Make an “O” with your lips and pull back your cheeks with your palm

So if that youthful look reveals itself, then be regular with these face yoga poses and enjoy this natural and chemical-free skin rejuvenation. To get that porcelain like skin, check out our grooming and skin care products

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