People get hooked on to drugs for various reasons – peer pressure, curiosity, emotional weakness, professional or personal issues, it could be anything. When stuck in various life situations, rather than finding solutions, some people find getting a drug high an easier way to escape their anxieties temporarily. These small escapes lead to ruined life of drug addiction.

Drug addiction is not limited to a community, nationality or age. Young students, college goers, professionals, sportspeople, people stressed out with their jobs, people who don’t get a job , people who can’t retain a job, failed relationships , loneliness , bad company, anything could be reason that can drag one into the abyss of drug addiction.

In medical terms, addiction is a physical and a psychological need for consuming some substance regularly that can be harmful to the person having it. Researches prove that people get addicted to certain medications or drugs because they help in soothing pain or numbing their agitated mental state. Such periods of temporary relaxation and heightened senses, make the person crave for addictive substance even more. So drug addiction can be called a mental ailment that forces one to rely upon external sources to calm it down.

Some Common Health Problems in Drug Addiction

1. Depression and Anxiety 

People experiencing anxiety disorders, lack of control over their feelings and emotions, feeling of loneliness can sometimes become victim of depression. This may make them dependent on anti-depressants and regular medications.Sometimes to beat the feeling of depression and anxiety people start having excessive sugary stuff that may result in chronic disorders like diabetes or obesity. 

2. Sleeplessness or Insomnia 

Some people who have trouble sleeping or have short-term insomnia start having sleeping pills regularly. If one keeps having sleeping drugs unchecked and in an unregulated way they may get highly dependent on medicines to go to sleep. Sometimes they do not realise they are getting addicted, until they experience withdrawal symptoms.  

3. Headaches or Body aches 

Some people consume pain killers regularly to manage their migraines, backaches or some body aches. They consume pain killers or morphine tablets so regularly that it becomes a part of life and they can’t do without them leading to addiction of that drug.

But all is not lost for people , who are willing to find a way out and choose the path which may seem difficult but will lead to freedom from drugs.

Ways to Manage Drug Addictions

1. Yoga& Meditation  

The ancient science of Yoga works on physical, mental and spiritual levels. It has the ability to bring balance in one’s body and help to get rid of many mental and physical health problems. Studies have proved that many problems associated with the brain and mind can be cured through various relaxation and meditative techniques. Yoga practice of Pranayama energizes the whole body. offers various Meditation and Relaxation products to help you get started. You may begin with mantra chanting using Malas for a relaxed state of mind. 

2. Massage & Acupressure 

Various massage techniques can help to soothe pain in the body. Massage helps to reduce dependency on Pain-Relief drugs. Acupressure Therapy and Deep Tissue Massage with the Pointed Massage Tools help to improve blood circulation, remove muscular knots and bring about healing of the body without drugs and medicines.

You may choose from various genuine and good quality Massage and Acupressure Tools on to soothe and relax the body. They help in pain relief and also aid in getting a good sleep.

3. Music 

Music is the second-best healer after time. A good heart touching melody can transform a mood and can lead one to a more relaxed and a peaceful state of mind. From calming music, nature sounds, mantra chants, gospels or old songs find what brings you happiness.

4. Community Service or support groups

Sometimes being addicted to drugs shows that a person is very self centred and does not care much about his family or community. However, small it is important that you go out and do some sort of community service, helping in an orphanage or old age home. Such actions give a deep satisfaction and sense of self-worth. You realize, everything is not about you, and there are others who are needier than you.

Also consider joining a support group. Communicating with others gives direction and boosts confidence.

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