Understanding the basis of Immunity Power in the previous article through the science of altering breath flows or Swara Yoga, we now explore the right routine and how the breath flow patterns take place in an Immune body

Right routine for the Right Immunity
… the Journey from 5 am to 9 pm

Early morning the inflow through the solar nostril starts with zero (0) and slowly tries to wake us up. Once we are out of our bed it will keep on increasing and will reach to about 25% intensity until breakfast time, which should not be delayed beyond 9 am (or 4 hours post getting up). The breakfast will provide a good amount of energy to the body and will also help in providing the fuel for further increasing the flow of solar nostril. The breakfast will increase the flow to 50% till 1 pm.

Now is the time to re-fuel again otherwise the Solar nostril will lose it’s flow and will start to lessen the digestive capacity.

  • YES, the Solar nostril is the key to digestion and should be adapted with a daily routine of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Have lunch @ 1pm (or 4 hours post breakfast). The lunch will pump up the nostril flow to 75% and will reach the maximum flow rate of the day.
  • YES, the flow rate of any of the nostril cannot be more than 75% in any healthy body.

Reaching it’s maximum flow rate, the Solar nostril will now start dropping in intensity and the inhale flow rate will come to 50% at 5 pm wherein we will definitely look for a coffee/tea or some fresh air downstairs/outside.

NOTE – This also means that lunar nostril (left) is now picking up inhalation and is at the same level as the solar (right) nostril. From now on, the lunar flow will start increasing.

The solar (right) inflow rate will come down to 25% at the time of dinner i.e. 9 pm; the lunar (left) flow has already reached 75% and at this time dinner will only help to increase the solar flow by 10% and lower down the lunar flow to 65%.

It is advisable to eat a Dinner as light as possible because the predominant is the lunar flow. The digestive capacity (indicated by the solar inflow) is not as same as it was in the morning/afternoon.

In general, out of 10 portions of your daily meal, the division should be as follows:

  • 5 portions of the meal should be your breakfast.
  • 5 portions of the remaining meal should be your Lunch.
  • Last 2 portions of the meal should be your dinner.

Swara Yoga involves “customized” physical Yoga Asana plans – specific to your particular internal and external environment AS WELL AS your individual capacity to do Asana. This combined with the right balance of what you eat and what you digest, brings your body to this correctly auto-regulated state, which we call Immunity.

Immunity building is for Everyone – any Age and any Condition – and Swara Yoga helps you achieve it!

If you instinctively relate to, or feel the truth behind this great Science, please do not hesitate to be in touch with your issues.

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