Starting something new is often scary, and finding yourself in yoga studio as a beginner isn’t easy. With all new yoga poses and their names, it is almost like beginning to learn a replacement language. Yet Yoga is the most enjoyable to make your body toned up and flexible . That is why it’s important to start out your yoga journey with a category for beginners.

Start with absolutely the basics, assuming a beginner’s mind and structuring both the language and therefore the actual yoga poses and sequences in a way that makes it easy to follow

Mostly, folks say “ I’m not flexible enough to try Yoga“. But the reality is that Yoga is one among the most gentle, effective and playful ways to make a flexible body, apart from keeping you healthy.

As the benefits of Yoga are well known, here are some tips and tricks on how you can prepare for your First Yoga Class. It is very important to be comfortable during yoga practice.

So, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

Comfortable clothes: For women it could be workout leggings with a breathable sports top. For men, It could be yoga legging and a comfy T-shirt. Thou there is no right or wrong outfit for yoga as long as it s comfortable and snug around the waist so it doesn’t slide too much during yoga practice and doesn’t expose your body parts.

Yoga mat: For your first-class, even if you’re joining an online class, you can easily practice yoga on your floor exercise mat before deciding to proceed with a yoga mat. If you do plan to invest in a yoga mat, we recommend you go for a non-slip, natural and eco-friendly mat. We don’t recommend sticky mats as they provide an artificial grip which is NOT recommended for yoga. Yoga is about balancing on a natural grip. These yoga mats are especially recommended and soothing to the senses too

Towel : One of the consequences of a yoga class, as we move from one posture to another during a yoga sequence, is that it builds up heat within the body that helps us avoid injury while stretching. This also means that you will most likely get a bit sweaty! If you’re self-conscious about dripping sweat everywhere on your mat, bring a towel along to soak up your sweat.

Tips for Recorded Class

With our recorded yoga class you’ll be ready to practice it as repeatedly as you would like. All you need is preferably a yoga mat, comfy clothes and you’re good to go.

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