Any kind of exercise must be done regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle. While there are some people who prefer working out at a gym, there are others who prefer the calmness of their home where they can practice yoga or just simply take a walk in the park. But are you among those who are still confused about what to choose — yoga or gym? Well, just remember each has its own benefits and one cannot really say one is better than the other.

Once a known yoga trainer said that a gym session can make one tired and hungry whereas yoga rejuvenates you as well as helps in digestion. In retaliation, the gym trainer said that although yoga has its distinct pluses, it usually does not provide the cardiovascular benefits, which is important to all human beings. Adding further, the gym trainer says that fat loss and weight loss cannot always be achieved through yoga, as this is derived with the help of cardio activities.

Well, if you ask me, it is best to combine both; why not get the best of both the worlds! But still for the sake of argument here is what to expect from both of them.


With yoga, you can expect to increase your flexibility, toning, and strengthening of the core. You don’t require any equipment; just a little open space around you where you can calmly practice yoga. With yoga, you tend to not bunk sessions as it can be done anywhere and when you do not feel like going to the class you can easily practice at home. Yoga makes you feel fresh and energized as well as helps to get rid of fatigue. Yoga is an ancient science which has been developed in a way that would act on the internal organs and not only benefit you physically but mentally, intellectually as well as spiritually.


What Would You Prefer? Gym or Yoga

Gymming requires a lot of equipment; it cannot be done at home. Well, not always as there are people who can afford a home gym but again it is a very small crowd who can. Hence, you have to join a gym and the travel can indeed take up a lot of time. There are also chances that you sometimes give your gymming sessions a miss because of weather, distance or simply because you do not feel like going. This affects your health in a negative way sometimes if you are not maintaining your diet along with gymming. After a gym session, you tend to feel tired and you also have to deal with sore joints. Gym increases your hunger and you tend to overeat which might sometimes be bad for you. But if you are working for the physical appearance, then gym is your best choice as it gives you toned muscles in less time.

Most people these days prefer gym over yoga when they want quick results as gym would give you that but if you want a complete health benefit then yoga can be your go-to choice.

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