It is important to understand that a strong immunity can lead to a physically strong body but the vice versa need not be true always. Physical strength is only a by-product of a strong immunity system, not the only product. Strong Immunity also means a natural versatility of the bodily systems to cope constantly with changing internal and external environments. The right balance of what you eat, digest and then, repeat is your actual immunity power. And, balancing your immune system is nothing but balancing your breath flow (‘Swara’ in Yoga).

There are 2 breath flows – the Solar flow through the right nostril; and, the Lunar flow through the left nostril

In the morning, Inhalation takes place through Solar (right) nostril with the help of ventilation received from the left nostril. The ears play an important part. Once the air going out of the left ear is to and fro, it will help activate the right nostril automatically.

People finding difficulty in pulling themselves out of bed early in the morning are advised to put cotton wool in the left nostril immediately after getting out of bed.

The flow through the Right nostril picks up through the day and the starts waning evening onwards and reduces to almost zero by the next morning waking hour.

NOTE – If we are in sync with this breathing cycle then our system is perfectly immune and we can expect to remain free of all disease/ infection related to the –

  • Digestive system
  • Respiratory system
  • Organs functionality; and
  • Blood circulation

Recognizing the Power of Breath Flow for a Healthy You

No other science has unraveled or understood the mysteries of our naturally changing breath flows, leave alone trying to correlate these patterns with health, Immunity and Freedom from Disease. Today, in these Covid times, when the whole of humanity is confronted with its vulnerability, makes for the right time to explore this hidden dimension, buried to most “modern” advances.

In the next part of this article, we will run through the Right Routine of Eating towards Perfect Immunity

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