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Yogic Cure

Yoga aims at curing this problem by altering one's state of mind and helping the person to calm down physically and mentally. When stress does not stimulate excess secretion of gastric juices, your ulcers heal naturally. One also has to eat correctly so that wrong foods do not upset your digestive system. It recommends chewing your food slowly and concentrating on eating. Yoga recommends a high-fiber diet, regular exercise and avoid rushing in the morning.

Recommended Asana :
  • Rechaka - Puraka Pranayama
  • Uttanapadasan (Raising the legs) - exercises all abdominal muscles, corrects disorders of pancreas, cures constipation, wind troubles; takes away extra weight of abdominal area.
  • Pawanmuktasan (Relieving the flatus) - activates pancreas; acts as wind reliever, loosens hip joints, and cures constipation.
  • Bhujangasan (Cobra pose) - cures indigestion, constipation, stomach ache, brings flexibility to spine.
  • Salabhasan (Locust pose) - activates kidneys, liver, pancreas, helps in diarrhea, acidity and gastro-intestinal disorders.
  • Paschim Uttaanasan (Head knee forward bend) - relieves stomach troubles, normalizes functioning of the nervous system.
  • Vajrasan - helps in digestion; relieves pain of calves and knees. Can be done immediately after meals.
  • Shavasan (Corpse pose) - relaxes all muscles, nerves and organs.


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Arthritis a disease of joints, is mainly caused by deficiency of calcium, hydrochloric acid or malnutrition, by obesity, physical stress or glandular insufficiency. Millions of people of all age groups suffer from this torturing disease. The most disheartening aspect of the disease is that it does not get easily cured through medicine when it is in chronic stages. But it has been found that with regular practice of yoga and a proper diet moderate arthritis can be cured within two months and in chronic cases it takes around 4-5 months.

Yogic Cure

Yoga aims at relaxing you and at the same time keeping you moderately active so that your joints do not become stiff. Along with exercises and proper diet arthritics should take a lot of care of their hygiene.

Recommended Asana :
  • Surya Namaskar - activates all glands.
  • Santulanasan - removes rigidity of joints and normalises blood circulation.
  • Trikonasan (Triangular) - Cures pain or any disorder of neck and shoulder joints; activates all major joints (spine, the hip, the hands and the palms)above the waist area and tones the muscles; also provides quality of mental attentiveness.
  • Gomukhasan (Cow's face and jaw pose) - exercises finger joints, toes, ankles, knees and hip joints; activates muscles of joints therefore removing waste products from joints; restores joint fluid therby removing spasticity and pain.
  • Vrikshasan (Tree pose)-tones up muscles of ankles, toes, knees, hip joints, shoulder, elbows etc. ; brings flexibility in the legs and hands.
  • Natrajasan (Dance pose) - activates almost all joints; removes spinal rigidity, pain, backache,and stiffness. Strengthens all major bones and generates vitality.
  • Halasan (Plough pose) - makes spine and legs flexible.


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Backache , a very common problem can be caused due to bad sitting posture, tension , stress , uncomfortable shoes, poor nutrition, lack of exercise, or overweight etc. The pain can be found in both young and old and if not taken care of can turn chronic. But it has been found that backache is fully and permanently cured by yogic treatment.

Yogic Cure

Treatment of backaches is possible by following a proper diet, by not sleeping on a soft bed and by practicing some selected asana.

Daily Practice :
  • Rechaka Pranayam
  • Puraka Pranayam
Recommended Asana :

For the first week -
  • Pawanmuktasan (Relieving the flatus) - Helps release flatus
  • Bhujangasan (Cobra pose) - brings flexibility to the spine.
  • Salabhasan (Locust pose)- brings flexibility to the spine, invigorates the eyes, face, lungs, chest, neck, shouldersand whole of upper body.
  • Uttanpadasan (Raising the legs) - takes away extra weight of the abdominal area, and strengthens spinal cord.
  • Shavasan (Corpse pose) - relaxes the body.

Bronchial Asthma

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The main trouble in this disease is breathlessness and is caused by the disorder in respiratory system. There is constriction of the bronchioles, which disturbs the normal ratio of inspiration and expiration. Because of congestion of the blood vessels of the bronchial lining expiration becomes difficult. This disease affects the young , old and even children.. The most disheartening aspect of asthma is that it does not get completely cured through medicines. Where as it has been seen that patients of asthma who regularly practised yoga were cured.

Yogic Cure

Yoga tries to cure asthma by cleaning your lungs and making you emotionally strong so that you do not react to stressful situations. As the disease is primarily of the lungs and respiratory system the pranayam and asanas selected are to restore the health of lungs and the respiratory system. The postures prescribed drain mucus from your lungs, and relax your lung muscles. Yoga also teaches you to breathe correctly.

Daily Practice :
Pranayam massages the the body cells and inner organs.

Recommended Asana :
  • Ekpada Uttan Asana - helps in activating the bronchial lining .
  • Tadasan (Palm Tree Pose) - strengthens bronchioles and lungs; builds up muscles of chest.
  • Ustrasan (Camel Pose) - activates facial tissues, the nasal passage, the pharynx & the lungs.
  • Simhasan (Lion Pose) - cures throat trouble, voice deficiency and tonsillitis; activates the larynx, trachea and all bronchioles ; invigorates the thyroid cartilages.
  • Sarvangasan (Shoulder Stand) - corrects any disorder of circulatory system.
  • Matsyasan (Fish Pose) - corrects the disorders of the respiratory system as all organs concerned with respiration such as, the nasal passage, the pharynx, the larynx are exercised. system.
  • Padmasan (Lotus Pose)- relaxes the body; appropriate asana for pranayam.
  • Shavasan (Corpse pose) - removes fatigue and quitens the mind ; must be practiced at the end of asana.
Pause for half a minute between the asans.


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Yogic Cure

Yoga not only clears your lungs but also gives you the will power to give up smoking through Meditation. The Breathing Exercises oxygenate your lungs, and increase their flexibility. By strengthening your immune system, they also reduce your dependency on medication.


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Cancer has affected millions in the entire world. It is the phobia of the disease which causes more suffering than the cancer itself. In cancer, floating starved non-functional cells group together and manifest themselves as tumors, ulcers or cancer.

Yogic Cure

Yoga teaches you to give up and avoid harmful habits like smoking by giving you mental strength through Meditation. The simple cure is - Firstly, cleansing of the body of the debris and the starved dying cells and secondly, providing a live, atomically vibrant food, which will provide life force.

Recommended Asana :
  • Suryanamaskar (Sun Salutation ) - vitalises the entire body.
  • Pranayama (Breathing Exercise)- should be practised regularly.
  • Yoga Sleep - also helps you to deal with the pain and reduces the feeling of nausea during chemotherapy. However, a yoga specialist or a Doctor needs to supervise your yoga practice.

Common Cold

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Cold a very common disease occurs in all age groups . Once a person catches cold , only steps to make it more bearable can be taken.

Yogic Cure

Rest is important for preventing and even treating a cold. During rest balance is restored in the body.

For daily practice :
  • Practise Jalaneti Kriya (Nasal Cleansing). This is an extremely effective yet rarely practised method of keeping respiratory disorders at bay.
  • Practise Nadi Shodak Pranayam
  • Practise Ujjayi Pranayam
  • Practise Ling Mudra.
Do Breathing Exercises like Rapid Abdominal Breathing to clear your respiratory system. Postures like the Bow Posture, Fish Posture and Cobra Posture help clear congestion in your chest and also improve your immunity to diseases.

Recommended Asana :

Sarvangasan (Whole body pose) - Improves blood circulation.

Paschimottanasan (Head Knee forward bend)- Relieves nerves of the head.

Ardh-matsyendrasan (Half spinal twist) - Helps in all disorders of the body.

Bhujangasan (Cobra pose) - Benefits the whole body.


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Diabetes a very old disease, has a common feature - excessive accumulation of sugar in the blood , due to malfunctioning of pancreas. The general prevalent method of treating the diabetic patient is to inject insulin to compensate what could not be produced by the pancreas. The yogic treatment restores the normal functioning of the pancreas and other endocrinal glands. The chemistry of the body becomes normal leading to a healthy body.

Yogic Cure

Yoga can be an effective supplement to diabetes treatment. It helps in controlling the blood sugar level by helping your pancreas to produce more insulin. If diabetes is caused by lack of exercise or stress, yoga eliminates your dependence on insulin treatment.

For daily practice:
Recommended Asana :
  • Suryanamaskar (Sun salutation) - activates almost all glands; due to reverse circulation of blood during this asan invigorates the facial tissues , the nervous system etc.
  • Bhujangasan (Cobra Pose) - activates whole of abdominal area.
  • Paschimotanasan (Head-knee forward Bend)- activates pancreas, thus regularising its functioning to secrete insulin in a normal way .
  • Vakrasan (Obtuse Pose)- affects the waist and abdominal area.
  • Matsyendrasan - has great effect on pancreas , adrenal, thyroid and sex glands.
  • Suptavajrasan - corrects disorders of stomach, intestine, liver, kidneys, spleen etc. ; enhances sexual potentiality.
  • Dhanurasan - affects pancreas, adrenal, thyroid, parathyroids, pituitary and sex glands; develops digestive power ; corrects menstrual problems in women.

Eye Problems

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Eye defects, which do not require surgery, like eye strains, watering of the eyes, itching in the eye region, eye pain, diminishing visionary power, redness, blurring vision, near and far sightedness can be cured through yogic treatment. On the other hand organic defects like Cataract, Glaucoma etc requiring surgery need eye specialists.

Yogic Cure

Patients having any eye disorder can cure the problem by having a proper diet, doing yogasans followed by some eye exercises.

Eye exercises :
  • Be seated in Sukhasan (Easy pose).
  • Without moving the head, look upwards for 2 seconds and then downwards.
  • Then look towards right for 2 seconds and then look to the left. Close eyes for 6-8 seconds.
  • Then move your eyes in clockwise direction . Repeat this twice and rest for 6-8 seconds. Repeat in anti-clockwise direction. Rest.
  • Rub your palms against one another for 6-8 seconds, and place them on your eyes for 6-8 seconds, without exerting any pressure. Rest. Repeat palming 2-3 times.
For healthy eyes and improved sight :
  • Practice Jal Neti Kriya.
  • Do not work in hot sun, as bright light destroys Vitamin A.
  • Practice Pran mudra
  • In the mornings after cleaning mouth, fill it with water so that the cheeks get puffed up and then splash water on the eyes several times. Then throw out water from the mouth. Keep eyes closed for some time. This will make your eyes feel cool and fresh.
  • The distance while watching T.V. should be at least 3 meters (10 feet) and while reading or writing, the book should be at a distance of 30 cm (12 inches).
Recommended Asana :
  • Suryanamaskar ( Sun salutation) - invigorates all the organs of upper part of the body, the facial tissues and the central nervous system.
  • Trikonasan (Triangular pose) - develops visionary power of the eyes.
  • Yogamudra ( Yogi pose) - provides benefits like removing gastric troubles and constipation, correcting disorders of spine, and enhancing sexual potency.
  • Shavasan (Corpse pose) - Relaxes the body.


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Headache is usually but a symptom of disease somewhere in the body. Disease conditions and irritation anywhere in the system are telegraphed to headquarters in the brain and there manifest in the form of various symptoms, the most frequent of which is headache. It is one of the most prevalent and common diseases of our time. People suffer from various kinds of headaches due to various causes like indigestion, sinus, eye pain, high or low blood pressure, smoking etc. but whatever the cause , headache is curable through the yogic method.

Yogic Cure

Yoga aims at reducing chronic headaches by calming your mind. Breathing Exercises and Meditation can also provide relief.

For daily practice:
  • Practice Jal Neti (Nasal cleansing) for immediate relief.
  • Rechaka - Puraka Pranayama - corrects disorders of digestive system, circulatory and respiratory system.
  • Shitali Pranayama - has a great soothing , relaxing and cooling effect on the whole body; helps people suffering from high blood pressure, gastric troubles, tension and anxiety.
Recommended Asana :
  • Suryanaskar (Sun salutation) - invigorates the central nervous system.
  • Bhujangasan (Cobra pose) - inwardly activates the whole of abdominal area, neck, shoulders, face and head areas.
  • Shavasan.(Corpse Pose) - removes fatigue and quitens the mind ; must be practised at the end of asans.

Heart Disease

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Millions of people in the world suffer from the diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The heart, which is muscular pump, keeps the blood circulation of blood going. But when there is a break down of this complicated mechanism, blood supply to a part of the body may be affected leading to what is known as heart attack.

But with yoga the cardiovascular diseases can be cured. Diseases that can be cured are:

Arteriosclerosis - hardening of arteries

Coronary Thrombosis - sudden blocking of one of the arteries.

Degenerative Heart disease - gradual decay of blood vessels due to excessive smoking of tobacco.

Hypertensive Heart Disease - Straining of blood vessels due to high blood pressure. This leads to hardening of blood vessels, hence diminishing the supply of blood.

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) - Blood pressure remains high leading to disorders like lack of strength, bad temper, visionary troubles, tiredness, headache, coldness of hands and feet.

Yogic Cure

Yoga helps you cope with this stress so that you do not need to depend on smoking or eating unhealthy food. It also helps you find contentment from within. Smoking should be completely stopped as it constricts the arteries.

For daily practice :
  • Keep yourself relaxed and free from anxiety , nervousness, tension and restlessness.
  • Meditation - has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for hypertensive people.
  • Ujjayi Pranayam - can be done while lying for about 3-4 minutes, if the blood pressure rises very high.
  • Nadi Shodak Pranayam - It can be done 10 times.
Recommended Asana :
  • Suryanamaskar ( Sun salutation) - activates the whole body.
  • Pawanmuktasan (Relieving the flatus) - wind reliever, corrects malfunctioning of the abdomen. Make 4-6 rounds.
  • Uttanpadasan ( Raising the legs) - Helps reduce fat.
  • Santulanasan - normalizes blood circulation.
  • Shavasan ( Corpse pose) - should be done twice or thrice daily as it normalizes the blood pressure.


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Obesity is becoming a common health hazard and leads to many other diseases like coronary heart disease , high blood pressure, diabetes, psychosomatic disorders and a shorter life span. The main cause of obesity is excessive eating. The best method to control weight is to reduce the intake of protein, carbohydrates and fat and increase the supply of mineral and vitamins, and also increase exercises.

Yogic Cure

The natural way to lose weight involves body purification ( nature cure), yogasanas, and mental and spiritual management. The biggest advantage of this system of cure is that the individual does not have to undergo fasting and feel any weakness. Also the reduction of weight is gradual so that the person does not feel any loss of strength. Due to gradual reduction there is no sagging of facial skin and conditioning of the body takes place simultaneously . The yogic method may take longer in correcting excessive weight as compared to gimmicks claiming to reduce weight in matter of days and weeks through usage of various pills, gadgets etc. , which cause various disorders and do serious physical- mental harm to the users. The yogic method reduces weight in a lasting and a permanent way. It does not cost a penny. There is no disturbance in normal way of life.

Recommended Asana :
  • Surya Namskar (Sun salutation) - exercises every part of the body. 6-8 sets daily help a lot.
  • Uttanpadasan ( Raising the legs) - reduces obesity of thighs, hips and other parts of the body.
  • Urdhavhast- Uttanasan (Raising half arms) - reduces fat from lower part of body.
  • Katichakrasan ( Hip twist) - develops sleek waist.
  • Hastuttanpadasn ( Hands touching raised legs) - reduces fat of abdomen , hips , thighs and arms.
  • Sarvangasan ( Shoulder stand) - strengthens lungs and heart.
  • Halasan (Plough pose) - makes legs flexible.
  • Naukasan (Boat pose) - strengthens shoulders, neck, back and legs.
  • Dhanurasan (Bow pose) - benefits abdomen.
  • Shavasan ( Corpse pose) - relaxes the body.
Each asana should be practiced 5 times with retaining each position from 10 -15 seconds. You should relax between 2 asana. All or some of the asana in which you feel comfortable can be done.

Mental and Spiritual management -

Deep breathing should be done as it helps to quiet down body and mind. Meditation for short period also benefits.


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Sinus has become a very common disorder of the day. Due to constant sneezing and watering of the nose makes the life of the patient miserable. Usually it is a resultant state of allergy. Doctors try to find out the particular allergens to which the patient is allergic. Medication is then given for developing resistance in the patients. Though medicinal aids provide momentarily relief, they do not provide any permanent cure.
The yogic system believes that main cause of sinus is a faulty diet. Patients are advised to take balanced diet.

Yogic Cure

Sinus patients should practice regularly :
  • Rechaka - Puraka Pranayama
  • Bhastrika Pranayama
  • Jalaneti - is an extremely effective and natural method of providing relief from sinusitis.
  • Sutra Neti
Asan recommended after doing Pranayama :
  • Shavasan (Corpse pose) - relaxes all muscles, nerves and organs.

Vericose Veins

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Varicosity a very common disease with people having jobs where they have to stand for long hours. It is usually seen in housewives, sales people, pregnant women, etc. . Varicosity results in pain in the legs. Following a regular yoga routine can cure it.

Yogic Cure

Recommended Asana :

Viparit Karni - In this asan you are required to lie on your back, with arms on the sides. Raise both legs and keep them that way for some time either by support with the wall or by keeping them over pillows.

Walking also helps a lot in this condition.

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