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Get an online visibility that is NOT just cosmetic...it actually BOOSTS your yoga business.
Entrust your Yoga Web Presence to Online Yoga Experts.

Yoga popularity is bursting at the seams. But so are competing yoga offerings. The need of the moment is to put the word about your existence to as many people AND as soon as possible.

We've all heard about having your own website and all that jargon. The truth is that having a Poster Website on the WWW will just not do� you need a website that actually grows your business in a parallel manner and even earns revenue INDEPENDENTLY.

The other fact is that most of us in yoga are just NOT tech-savvy. Our ignorance results in us getting ripped off by unscrupulous web companies who only specialize in making fanciful stuff without a clue on any aspect of our work.

I don't know about you but I simply cannot imagine ANYBODY who has no clue of Yoga getting more business for me. All they end up doing is adding to their bottom lines and leaving us with fanciful "no-use" websites.

Having a website is just one part� you ALSO need to -

  • Ensure that the website is structured to help grow your business in every possible way; and then.
  • Ensure that the website is seen by your target - yoga enthusiasts, yoga teachers, students and the community in general.

At HealthAndYoga.com, we have understood the needs of the Yoga web visitor, over years of experience. As we have used this learning, our revenues have...quite literally... skyrocketed!

This is what we have found:

  • Authentic Yoga Content on the website gives a tremendous boost to your credibility.
  • Offering a wide range of Yoga Merchandise with an automated payment system enhances earnings manifold, while improving your online and offline image.
  • Online registration forms are a great way to multiply your class sign ups because it enables you to address individual requirements placed impulsively.
  • Building a newsletter mailing list helps you build a bond with your subscribers over the years and translates into an extremely loyal clientele.
  • Updating website content on a regular basis ensures an all-important freshness and almost guarantees returning visitors.
  • Regular email contact with your students, informing them of new schedules and developments, ensures a repeat clientele at almost zero cost.

So, why are we sharing this with you?

Quite honestly, we see a small opportunity for ourselves in replicating our success model. It fits in perfectly with our core philosophy of mutual growth while adding UNMATCHED value for the end-user.

Why can't you do this by yourself?
Good question. Sure you can - there's certainly no rocket science in it. However, considering the learning curve issues, the time involved and the fact that online marketing is NOT your core competency, wouldn't it be best to trust this activity to a reliable partner?

More so, when your partner happens to be completely focused at ONLINE promotion of YOGA. Also, as yoga popularity snowballs by the day, it would be unwise - to say the least - to miss out on opportunities because of time.

Why Us?
Simply, because we have gone through each and every issue involved in Online Yoga popularizing over the past several YEARS! You simply cannot disregard the rich experience behind our success.

Moreover, we have built up an awesome client list, a HUGE mailing list of yoga subscribers and a DAILY visitor count of 7000+ visitors (200,000 hits everyday) on the HealthAndYoga.com website - ALL of which can be used to give you an unbeatable advantage in your own promotion efforts.

Don't just take our word for our credibility...

  • HealthAndYoga.com has been rated as the 2nd most popular Online Yoga store on the entire Internet by the Alexa ratings . .
  • HealthAndYoga.com is privileged to have been reviewed by Forbes under their Best of Web category. .

So, What are we offering?
To put it simply, we offer to set up for you what is PROVEN to work AND at unbeatable prices!

We offer to reach out, on your behalf, to the most targeted group of visitors and subscribers, SPECIFICALLY interested in yoga - something you will never find ANYWHERE.

To examine our specific set of services, click the relevant link below:

  • If you do NOT have a Website, or would like to start fresh, Click here.
  • If you have a website, but would like to implement revenue generating enhancements,
    Click here
  • If you want to avail of Specific Yoga promotion services, specifically to Yoga interested clientele, Click here.

In all, don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build your online yoga foray through trusted partners who bring with them a wealth of relevant experience, skills, strong ethics AND a thorough understanding of the online yoga business.

Warm Wishes,

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