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Preparing For Enema

The wonderful aspect about enema is that it can be done EASILY without much preparation. It should be done in the morning on an empty stomach and preferably AFTER answering nature's call (unless severely constipated).

While for usual practice, there are no special diet requirements, however, for a Complete Detoxification, the following diet observations should be followed and enema should be Preferably done over the weekend :

(i) Diet on the day before Enema Day


Fruits - Papaya, Guava, Pear, Apple and Grapes or any other seasonal fruit.

Mid-morn (11 am)

1 glass of seasonal fruit juice.


1 bowl of soup of vegetables having high potassium content and cabbage


1 bowl of soup / juice


1 bowl of vegetable soup or seasonal vegetables with roughage.

Note - Take atleast 3 liter of liquid or water on that day.

(ii) Things to avoid for a complete detoxification
  • Strictly avoid flour and its products the day before and on the day you will take enema.
  • Avoid aerated drinks and alcohol on the day before and on enema day.
  • Avoid eggs and Non-vegetarian food the day before and on the day taking Enema.
  • Avoid vegetables like Potatoes, Lady's finger, Jackfruit and Brinjal.
  • Avoid eating bananas the day before and on the day of Enema.
  • Avoid eating pulses day before (legumes) the day before. You can take them on the Enema day for lunch (after enema).
General: Avoid smoking on the Enema day and the day before.

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