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Colon Cleansing

What it is & Why?

The act of assisting the colon (large intestine) to do its natural job, which is ridding the body of unwanted toxic matter including feces, is colon cleansing.

It is widely believed that an insufficiently clean colon results in toxin build up which is the root cause of disease.

Do we need it?

The question should be - not "we" but do "I" need it? Every body condition is different, so it is logical and natural that you should approach the issue in this manner; not the conventional mass medicine �one shoe fits all' approach.

Are you sufficiently clean? Do you pass two (or atleast one) fulsome stools every day? Do you feel sufficiently cleaned out? If you answered no, colon cleansing is almost a suggested must!

Are you suffering from inexplicable systemic disorders such as heavy headedness, dullness, lethargy, moodiness, or physical symptoms such as gas, acidity, inexplicable pains and aches, skin outbreaks etc.? Do you feel the need to boost your immune system? If you answered yes, colon cleansing is definitely a possible way out!

Techniques of Colon Cleansing

Some of the popular techniques are:
  • Colonic irrigation & Colon Hydrotherapy
  • Colon cleansing supplements & laxatives
  • Enemas
  • Yogic practice of Basti
Is it Safe?

Colon cleansing owes its origin to over 3500 years ago, when the concept of "intestinal auto intoxication" (re-absorption of toxins from the intestine) due to an unclean colon was well known among the Egyptians & Greeks. It is extremely unlikely for an unsafe practice to survive all these years.

What is unsafe is extreme indiscrimination and the consequences of that - NOT of colon cleansing per se.

Sadly, in our age, we tend to be extreme - going overboard one way or the other. Moderation seems to have taken the backseat...and this explains the extreme viewpoints.

Objections to Colon Cleansing - The Naysayers, Dangers, Myths etc.

Colon cleansing has its fair share of critics. They raise objections, varying from dangers of colon cleansing to questioning the benefits. We highlight the most common of these concerns:

#1: Incorrect ractice & Overuse may do more harm than good

Sure, but isn't that a matter of common sense; excess of anything is bad.

#2: Colon cleansing washes off the good flora and the probiotic bacteria

... After all cleansing can't distinguish between good & bad, eh? THIS is where proper education comes in. After a cleansing routine, the system must be allowed to rest. Diet should be of soft, cooked foods with natural fat (like clarified butter) to sufficiently line the mucus epithelial membrane and to allow the flora to grow back, which will happen in a matter of hours. Raw foods should be avoided to reduce the chances of any secondary infection source. That's it - just a little precaution.

To use this to ridicule the whole colon cleansing practice is like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

#3: The colon knows its job. Why interfere?

How we wish things were so simplistic. Disease would then never be a reality! The sad truth is that due to our lifestyles, dietary patterns and environmental factors, our elimination systems are not working as efficiently as they should. THIS is the reality and assistance to our elimination systems can do wonders.

#4: Laxatives & Colon cleansing supplements have side effects

An objection more about the manner of colon cleansing rather than the practice itself. For those skeptical (and may be true in some cases), skip the use of cleansing supplements - use enemas as a way of safe colon cleansing!

In conclusion

As mentioned, most of the objections relate to indiscriminate use. But more importantly, the objections seem to emanate from people who have never undergone colon cleansing themselves - an unfair way to judge a practice.

People undergoing colon cleansing swear by the wonderful effects to their health. Among other, benefits include:
  • Lighter, younger feel
  • Freedom from nagging physical health disorders like constipation, acidity, aches & pains, skin problems, arthritis etc.
  • Relief from psychological disorders such as depression, moodiness, dullness & lethargy etc.
In addition, colon cleansing regimens are popular to treat issues such as weight loss, cancers, and systemic disorders.

So, using the golden rule of discrimination and moderation, colon cleansing can be a wonderful way towards improved health.

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