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Enema Difficulties

Some common discomforts felt while taking an enema:

Pain in the abdomen:

Sometimes abdominal (large intestine region) pain is experienced while taking Enema.


If you feel pain while taking Enema, the first thing to do is to turn the Enema nozzle off. Then, press the region of pain with four fingers or palm and rub the area. After that continue massaging your abdomen in an anti clock wise direction.

Sometime pain is the outcome of a small amount of air taken in as water finishes from the Enema pot.

  • Be careful that the Enema Pot should not get completely empty. A stainless steel enema can is best for the purpose which you can buy individually by Going here OR it comes as part of your whole Enema Equipment
  • Before beginning ensure that water flows smoothly to remove any air bubbles and turn the enema nozzle off.
Water Comes Out :

In some cases due to hard tassel matter or in cases of less rectal muscle elasticity in post stroke cases, water may come out.


As water starts coming back, turn the Enema nozzle off and take the Enema Catheter out. Pass out all the water in the WC. Following this, two things to do to carry on taking Enema:
  • Always introduce Enema catheter in Rabbit (Shashankasana) Pose. This is shown in the enema instruction manual that comes free with your enema equipment.
  • Let the water flow in regulating the tap and then turn off the Enema nozzle off after 30 seconds. Then turn it back on after 2-3 minutes.
Water does not flow in or is obstructed

Sometimes the intestinal walls block the opening of the catheter


To overcome this, try moving the catheter a little out and then back in.

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