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How often to take an Enema?


In the Nature Cure Hospital, Enema is recommended once to twice a day.

But for a normal healthy person, looking for better health and well-being, should take Enema once a week. It is always better and convenient to practice it on weekends.

Hyper acidity or conditions of excess constipation indigestion.

People suffering from any of these conditions should practice enema twice to thrice a week or on alternate days for 1 Month to 3 months. Once the symptoms start disappearing and you begin to feel good, the frequency should be decreased and nature should be allowed to take over.

Note: Enema is not habit forming. Instead, after cleansing the large intestine, the intestine is actuated to perform better. The peristaltic movement (moment of contraction and relaxation of intestine which moves the faecal matter toward the rectum and Anus) also improves.


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